How Much Does visa on Arrival cost Indonesia?

Indonesia Visa Fees

Visa Fee in $ Fee in Rs.
Multiple-entry Visa 100 6,800
Limited Stay Visa 6 months – 50 1 year – 90 2 years – 160 6 months – 3,400 1 year – 6,100 2 years – 10,900
Diplomatic/Service Visa Nil (free) Nil
Visa on Arrival 35 2,400

Is visa on arrival free in Indonesia?

Indonesia is a visa free country so no visa required for Indian citizens travelling for less than 30 days. You just need to get a visa exemption stamp from the Immigration counter. This is available free of cost. If your travel duration is more than 30 days, you can apply for visa on arrival when you enter Indonesia.

How much does a visa on arrival cost?

The total cost of your Nigerian Tourist e-Visa includes the cost of the visa itself and the processing speed cost you will acquire. If you choose Standard, the total price of the visa is USD 152.00. For Rush, the total amount is USD 152.00. And if you choose Super Rush, the total cost is USD 152.00.

How does visa on Arrival work Indonesia?

The visa on arrival is for those foreigners who want to make a short visit to Indonesia. It is valid for 30 days but can be extended for another 30 days (without the need to leave the country), hence you can visit Indonesia for a total of 60 days. The price of a visa on arrival is USD $35 (for the initial 30 days).

What do I need for visa on arrival in Indonesia?

The general requirements for Visa On Arrival are:

  1. Expiration date of the applicant’s passport must be at least 6 (six) months at the date of entry.
  2. At least one blank visa page.
  3. Round-trip airplane ticket.
  4. Visa on Arrival fee (refer below)

What documents are required for Indonesia visa on arrival?

Requirements for Indonesia Visa on Arrival

  • Indian passport having at least 6 months validity upon arrival in the country.
  • Two blank pages in the passport.
  • A confirmed return ticket or a confirmed one-way ticket as well as a ticket issued for travelling to other countries after visiting Indonesia.

What is visa reciprocity fee?

Visa reciprocity is a fee that some non-immigrant applicants coming from certain areas of authority or countries may have to pay once their application is approved. If visitors from a country have to pay a visa fee to the U.S., then the U.S. will have to pay that fee too.

How much does visa cost?

US Nonimmigrant Visa Application Fees

Visa type Cost
Non-petition Based Visas $160
Petition Based Visas $190
E Visas $205
K Visas $265

Is Jakarta visa free?

Jakarta, DGI PR (22/03) – Indonesia allows a visa-free process to 169 countries under the new visa regulation. President Joko Widodo signed a Presidential Regulation Number 21 concerning Visit Visa Exemption on March 2, 2016. Passport holders of certain countries are exempt of needing a visa to enter Indonesia.

Why is visa free?

Visa-free refers to the ability to travel to a foreign country without the need for a travel visa. In such a case only a valid passport is required for entry and exit purposes. Visa on arrival means that travellers must obtain a visa in order to enter the destination country, but it can be obtained upon arrival.

How much does it cost to get a tourist visa for Indonesia?

The Indonesia Tourist Visa fees are: 1 For a Single-entry Tourist Visa: USD 50 2 For a Multiple-entry Tourist/Visit/Business Visa: USD 100 3 For an Indonesia Visa on Arrival: USD 35 More

How long does a visa on arrival in Indonesia last?

Visa-on-Arrival: This is a $35 USD visa issued upon arrival valid for up to 30 days for tourism, family visitation, and other purposes. See the Indonesian Immigration’s website for more information. You may extend a Visa-on-Arrival one time for a maximum of 30 additional days, for another $35 USD.

How to apply for a visa extension in Indonesia?

Indonesia Visa Extension You can apply for an Indonesia visa extension before your current visa expires at the Immigration Office in Indonesia. You have to pay a fee, which will be the same as your original visa fee (i.e: USD 35 for Visa on Arrival; USD 50 for Embassy Tourist Visa).

How to enter Indonesia with a full validity passport?

If you are traveling on a full-validity passport, there are three ways to enter Indonesia: Visa Exemption: This is a no-fee stamp placed in your passport upon arrival for tourists staying less than 30 days; no extensions are allowed and no adjustment to another visa status permitted.