How much horsepower can you get out of a 4age?

Registered. I’d say your fairly safe boosting a 4age to around the 190-200hp range but thats going to require spot on tuning the slightist case of detonation is going to shatter your ringlands so don’t skimp get good injectors, a megasquirt , good wideband and a great tune.

How high can a 4age Rev?

Re: 4age 20V rpm limit Stock is 7800 rpm for the 5-speed and 8250 or so for the 6-speed ecu. Without a catalytic convertor you can rev about 200 rpm more on a stock engine. I have a Mine’s ecu with an 8400 rpm limiter. The 5sp ecu also has an 8250 rpm limiter.

Is the 4age a reliable engine?

Yeah, the 4AGE is definitely good enough to be a daily driver and should last for many hundreds of thousands of miles. Throw some good hardware on outside the engine and you’ll definitely see more power than a blacktop would have given you for the same price.

What is the difference between a 4age and 4AGZE?

the only significant difference between a 1988 4AGE, and a 1988 4AGZE are the pistons. Both use essentially the same block, and crank, and connecting rods.

Can you turbo a stock 4AGE?

Re: can you turbo a 16v 4AGE You can blow your engine with nos as fast as turbo. But like how everyone said its how you are going to run it and how much in both turbo and nos. yes you can use both on a stock 4ag but just not very high.

Can you boost 4AGE?

Re: can you turbo a 16v 4AGE Catch-22, it is not DESIGNED to take any boost. The safety margins in the parts are there to ensure durable performance for some secret number, perhaps 250,000-300,000 miles.

What kind of distributor does 4AGE 16V have?

Distributor seems to be a 4/1 tooth wheel (4 on the lower, one on the. AE 86 (Japanese) 16 Valve 4AGE ECU Connections 3, G-, Red, Distributor, ‘G’ pick up coil signal return to ECU coil -ve terminal) This information was compiled using AE 86 wiring diagram and engine-ECU loom – ‘car’ loom was missing.

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How big is the distributor on a 4AGE trigger?

4AGE 16V Trigger Wiring Engine is a 16v small port (red top) 4AGE. Distributor seems to be a 4/1 tooth wheel (4 on the lower, one on the.