How much horsepower does a 377 small block Chevy make?

See all 26 photos Even with four 58mm Weber carbs, the 377 only produced 485 horsepower. Had the cylinder heads been better developed, ported and polished, the output could have been much higher.

How much horsepower does a 377 have?

CDW also offers the 377ci small-block Chevy as a completely assembled long-block package with World Products Sportsman iron heads for $2,800. CDW claims these engines make around 375 hp with the Sportsman heads (and 10.3:1 compression, which would require only 92-octane gas) in place.

What is a 377 small block Chevy?

The small block 377 is a result of the marriage between a 400 block and 350 crank. The 377 relies on proven spacers to properly locate the smaller diameter crankshaft main journals into the bigger bore 400 block.

How much power can a 400 SBC make?

How much HP can a stock 400 SBC handle? Registered. 400 cranks are nodular iron and will handle 500 hp easy.

What is a 350 with a 400 crank?

Go the other way, 350 Crank in a 400 Block, you get a 377. big bore, short stroke like the old 301/302 sbc’s.

Is a 406 A big block?

Big-Block Torque In A Small-Block Package. Big-cubic-inch small-blocks are now all the rage for Chevy street-driven heros. While the big boys play around with 434ci, 440ci and even 454ci small-blocks, we decided to stick with the classic 406.

Are there Chevy 377 short blocks for CNC Motorsports?

CNC-Motorsports Chevy 377 short blocks have quickly raised the bar to a new level in offering high quality performance short blocks at an affordable price. CNC dart short blocks have become a huge hit among racers and performance enthusiast all over the world. We have the ability to custom build you just about any combination the way you want it.

Is it possible to destrok a 377 Dyno sheet?

If it was a destroked 377 it would no longer be a 377. I’ve only found one complete 377 build w/a dyno run in: “The Best of Hot Rod: How To Build Big Inch Chevy Small Blocks”, Volume 9. Go to your nearest Barnes & Nobles & it should already be on the shelf.

How to build a 377 Stroker 350 Chevy small block?

Order all sub-assemblies such as the pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft (if using an aftermarket crank), cylinder heads and new fasteners (rod and main cap bolts/studs), etc. Include the main bearing spacers for the crankshaft along with the main and rod bearings, piston rings, and gasket sets in your list.

How big is the bore on a 377 smallblock?

The peticular package of a 4.155″ bore and a short 3.5″ stroke, with a long rod of-course, makes brutal mid range power and torque, with one impressive top end charge. Which is just what the doctor ordered, when you have a handling chassis, vice a stright line oriented chassis.