How much is a 1955 Lincoln Futura worth?

Created by Ford motor company’s lead stylists Bill Schmidt and John Najjar and handbuilt in Italy by the legendary Ghia coachbuilding company. The Futura did not come cheap, in 1955 the project cost $250,000, which by conservative estimates is $2,300,000 in modern money.

What happened to the original 1955 Lincoln Futura?

Having originally cost $250,000, the Futura was sold to Barris for $1 and “other valuable consideration” by Ford Motor Company. As the car was never titled and was therefore uninsurable, it was parked behind Barris’ shop, sitting idle and deteriorating for several years.

Who owns the only Lincoln Futura?

Despite the original cost of $250,000, Ford Motor Company sold the Lincoln Futura to Barris for one dollar. This is the way the Futura looked when it showed up in Los Angeles. Barrris bought it for $1.00. Producer, William Dozier approached George Barris about building a Batmobile for the upcoming TV series.

How fast can a Lincoln Futura go?

It has a top speed of 350 mph. The infographic comes to us from NetQuote, and they offered up the following details that came along with the infographic.

What is Mark Towles net worth?

Mark Towle’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 million. The reality television star appears to have a great many opportunities awaiting him in the future, thanks to his passion for car renovations and the Netflix show.

Did Gotham Garage sell the yellow concept car?

Mark and his team embark on their most ambitious builds, but things don’t quite go as planned. The motivation came from acing and impressing people with their 1960 Pontiac XNR Concept Car Replica and donating it to the Petersen Car Museum. …

How many 1955 Lincoln Futura did they make?

Designed by the Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company, the Futura was constructed entirely by hand in Turin, Italy for an extreme $250,000….Industry Production.

Year Lincoln Production Highest Production
1,952 27,271 818,142
1,953 40,762 1,346,475
1,954 36,993 1,165,942
1,955 27,222 1,704,667

Is there a 1955 Lincoln Futura concept replica?

The Butts/Woodside 1955 Lincoln Futura Concept Replica (s) – Not One But Two! Perhaps on an exceedingly slow day during the pandemic, I received a nice e-mail from Geoffrey Hacker of Undiscovered Classics asking if I’d be willing to share the story of my acquisition of the infamous Butts 1955 Lincoln Futura Concept Replica.

Who was the only person to build a Lincoln Futura?

Because Bob Butts had the talent and Batmobile™ molds at his disposal, he built the only known Futura Concept replica example of its kind, making it highly prized for his efforts to recreate a car that rivaled the original Lincoln Concept at that time.

What was the cost of the Lincoln Futura?

Kitchen appliances looked more and more like robots, chandeliers looked like molecules, and cars aspired to be spaceships. The Futura was designed by Bill Schmidt and John Najjar. It was hand built by Ghia in Turin, Italy at a cost of $250,000 or more than $2.3 million in 2019 dollars.

What kind of car was the Batmobile in 1955?

The 1955 Lincoln Futura was a one-off, a concept car that demonstrated Ford Motor Company’s space-age imagination. And in a way, it did come from the future. A decade later, the Futura became the most famous car on TV as the Batmobile, driven by Adam West’s not-so-Dark Knight on the campy Batman series.