How much is a 1970 Mercury spoiler worth?


Fastback (429CJ) $23,500 $27,500
Fastback (429SCJ*) $33,000 $38,500

What is a 1970 Mercury Cyclone?

The Mercury Cyclone is an automobile that was marketed by the Mercury division of Ford from 1964 to 1971. Introduced in 1964 as the Mercury Comet Cyclone, the Cyclone replaced the S-22 as the performance-oriented version of the Mercury Comet model line. Within the Mercury line, the Cyclone was not directly replaced.

How much is a Mercury Cyclone worth?

No matter how overshadowed the Cyclone was, it still costs quite much to have one today. You can get one in good condition for around $10,000 to $25,000. There are a bunch of its latter models that still go as much as $39,000 restored close to pristine bone stock.

What was the first muscle car car?

Oldsmobile Rocket 88
As discussed previously, the first muscle car was the Oldsmobile Rocket 88 in 1949. This vehicle inspired some of the most impressive cars in American history, giving buyers the chance to take some major power with them out on the road.

Why do they call them muscle cars?

By some period definitions and perceptions, the term muscle car came to connote high performance at budget prices, where extremely powerful engines were put into relatively bare-bones intermediate cars at extremely affordable prices.

What was Starsky and Hutch’s car?

” The Ford Motor Company capitalized on the TV car’s popularity in 1976 when it produced a limited-edition ”Starsky and Hutch” Gran Torino. About 1,000 fans could buy official cosmetic replicas of the show car, fitted with standard 351 Windsor V-8 engines, dual racing mirrors and deluxe bumpers.

What killed the muscle car?

Come 1973, the famous oil crisis had hit the U.S. and officially killed the muscle car. Engines like the 454 LS6 and 426 Hemi were no longer available.

Which car had the first V8?

In September 1914, Cadillac introduced the first V8 engine in a mass-produced automobile. The engine was a 5.1-liter, 70-horsepower engine that was known for its smoothness and performance. Within the first year, Cadillac sold over 13,000 cars with V8 engines.

How many Cyclone Spoilers were made in 1970?

The Mercury division built 13,496 Cyclones in 1970. Of those, 1,631 were of the Spoiler variety. Only 341 Spoilers were fitted with the 429SCJ engine and Drag-Pak option. Futhermore, Competition Blue is arguably the most iconic color for a Cyclone Spoiler.

What kind of engine does a Mercury Cyclone have?

The Cyclone features the 429 Cobra Jet V8, which was claimed to produce 370hp. There has been plenty of speculation over the subsequent decades, and conventional wisdom seems to agree that the truth sits somewhere closer to 400hp. This V8 is backed by a 4-speed manual transmission, which channels the power to a 3.50 Traction-Lok rear end.

What’s the best color for a Cyclone Spoiler?

Futhermore, Competition Blue is arguably the most iconic color for a Cyclone Spoiler. To find a numbers matching ’70 that features all those rare options and has never been restored is definitely a very rare occurrence.