How much is a box of JCO Donuts?

J.CO Donuts Price List (SRP): Each: ₱45 per piece. 1/2 dozen: ₱255 per box (save ₱15) 1 dozen: ₱405 per box (save ₱125)

How many flavors does JCO have?

As of 2017, they have launched over 45 flavors, some of which are inspired by local tastes such as their kaya donut and kurma donut.

How much is JCO Donuts in the Philippines?


Each 2 Doz
Crunchy Crunchy Donut ₱45 ₱660
Don Mochino Donut ₱45 ₱660
Forest Glam Donut ₱45 ₱660
Glazzy Donut ₱45 ₱660

Which is better Krispy Kreme or JCO?

Krispy Kreme has an edge due to their constant innovation, but J.Co offers a much wider variety to choose from. And since the too-sweet quality of Krispy Kreme donuts has numbed our taste buds, we give this round to J.Co, giving them a 2-1 lead.

Who owns JCO Donuts Philippines?

The JCO Donuts and Coffee Franchise in the Philippines is owned by Contemporain Foods Inc., which by itself is a major player in the country, with investors such as Carlos Chan Liwayway of Oishi, and Edgar “Injap” Sia, the founder of the famous Mang Inasal.

Why is there a nut in donuts?

It is thought that the nut in doughnut comes from the resemblance of the original doughnut to the kind of nut that grows on trees. The original doughnut didn’t have a hole in its middle: think of the shape of a solid jam doughnut. Doughnut middles are probably closer in appearance to the original doughnuts.

What does J Co stand for?

Since then, J.Co has opened a dozen branches in the Philippines, part of about a 150-store (and growing) chain that began as an experimental coffee shop eight years ago in Jakarta, Indonesia. J.Co is actually the name of the founder, Johnny Andrean, 52, a gutsy but immensely likeable and warm Indonesian entrepreneur.

Is JCO fried or baked?

It is then bake in the oven before it is shaped into individual donuts shape – normal, round and crown, using a donut cutter. In a blink of eyes, the donuts are taken out from the chiller and they will stay at the room temperature for 5 minutes before they were deep fried in sunflower oil.

Does Krispy Kreme have Valentine donuts?

New for 2021, Krispy Kreme has launched a collection of Valentine’s Day doughnuts in partnership with sweets retailer, Swizzels to make Love Heart-themed doughnuts.

What is the most popular Krispy Kreme doughnut?

The 11 Best Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Ranked

  1. Original Glazed. All hail the OG, aka the Original Glazed doughnut.
  2. Chocolate Iced Glazed with Sprinkles.
  3. Oreo Cookies and Kreme.
  4. Chocolate Iced Glazed.
  5. Glazed with Kreme Filling.
  6. Reese’s Peanut Butter.
  7. Glazed Chocolate Cake.
  8. Glazed Cruller.

Which is the newest flavor of J co Donuts?

Malty and tasty, if you’re a Milo lover since you were a kid, this news will make you happy! J.CO Donuts & Coffee launches its newest donut flavor, the Mylosaurus, which is filled with light-as-air malt whipped cream filling, topped with Milo’s milk chocolate and premium chocolate malt.

How much does a box of J co Donuts cost?

In 2021, a half-dozen box of JCo donuts commonly retails for ₱ 252.73, producing it a fairly sweet deal. See a list of J.Co Donuts branches.

What’s the difference between Snow White and J co Donuts?

(Bits of strawberry chocolate are placed on top too). The difference with the Snow White variant is that this one is just generously sprinkled with sugar icing powder (no filling). Injected with flavors of espresso or tiramisu cream and topped with cocoa-powder, it’s the perfect J.Co donut for coffee lovers out there.

What kind of Jam is on a JCO Choco Donut?

If you want your dose of white chocolate, this donut is dipped in it and then sprinkled with crushed toasted almonds as well as strawberry jam sauce. Before you say ‘ew’, the ‘caviar’ on this donut is simply made up of wafer-like chocolate-coated crisps that add a hearty munch between each bite of this hazelnut-flavored choco donut.