How much is a d6 dozer rental?

RENTAL PRICES: USD $550/Daily USD $2,200/Weekly USD $6,500/Monthly FINANCING AVAILABLE!!

How much does a dozer cost per hour?

You can expect to pay as little as $325 to as much as $1000 per day for a bulldozer. Renting a bulldozer for an hour will cost as little as $180 to $430 an hour, usually a four-hour minimum.

How much is it to rent a caterpillar?

Rent a Caterpillar 320D L Excavator starting @ $600/day.

How many horsepower is a D6 dozer?

The 215-horsepower Caterpillar D6 dozer offers either electric drive (XE) or fully automatic powertrain, with operating weight ranging from 47,949 to 53,126 pounds. With both drives, the operator sets the ground speed and maximum power is provided based on load.

How much land can a dozer clear in a day?

On average, a bulldozer can clear up to 3 acres a day and occasionally, 5 acres in a day. This is an equivalent of 0.375 acres of an hour’s work (slightly more than a quarter of an acre), if the bulldozer is operating 8 hours a day.

How many yards of dirt can a D6 push?

Pushing dirt 200 yds. with a D6 will only yield you minimal material moved and cost more in the long run. Good Luck.

How do you price a bulldozer?

Bulldozers are mainly used in moving soil, clearing debris and other loose materials, and grading….How Much Does a Used Bulldozer Cost?

Age (years) Hours clocked Price range ($)
3 Less than 1,000 $125,000 to $175,000
5 1,000 to 2,000 $45,000 to $75,000
10 to 15 4,000 to 6,000 $20,000 to $40,000

What is the most rented construction equipment?

Most Frequently Rented Construction Equipment “Scissor lifts [are] generally the most rented item anywhere – but in terms of revenue, large booms and cranes make up the majority of our business.

How heavy is a D6 dozer?

49108 lb

Operating Weight 49108 lb 22275 kg
Ground Pressure 7.1 psi 49 kPa
Width of Standard Shoe 24 in 610 mm
Blade Capacity 5.4 yd³ 4.1 m³

How much can a D6 dozer pull?

The piston displacement measures 638 cubic inches, and the engine has a rated rpm of 1,800. Earlier models had an engine drawbar rating of 63 horsepower and a belt rating of 78 horsepower; the total drawbar pull originally was 16,674 lbs.

How many acres can a d6 dozer clear in a day?

The answer may surprise you! In just 1 day, a bulldozer operator can clear about 3 – 5 acres worth of trees and brush. That’s one hundred times faster than it would take to cut down each tree by hand. Heck, a backhoe can dig up loads of dirt at one time making building itself far easier too.

Where can I rent a dozer for my business?

At The Cat Rental Store, we carry a wide variety of small, medium and large dozers configurable with a range of work tools and attachments. We have the equipment, technology and application expertise to assist in analyzing your needs to identify the solutions that make the most sense for your business.

How much does it cost to rent a bulldozer?

For instance, opting for weekly rental plans for a bulldozer can save you between 20 and 20 percent in rental costs. As compared to daily rental costs, using month rental plans to rent your bulldozer will save you up to 60 percent in rental costs. So, exactly how much do bulldozer rentals cost? The rates vary.

Where can I rent a crawler loader bulldozer?

Thanks to their size and power, crawler bulldozers are commonly found at construction sites. Their versatility in mining, farming, excavation, and road work sites make it a smart choice to rent for your next project.

How to estimate the cost of a bull dozer?

The best way to estimate future maintenance and repair costs is to use past records as a guide whenever available. The expenses under this category are the costs of parts, sales taxes, labor, fringe benefits, shop overhead, any supporting facilities, and any maintenance equipment required.