How much is a Futurliner worth?

A rare, and enormous, 1950 General Motors Futurliner bus sold at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale auction Saturday for $4 million. The money will benefit a charity for military members and their families. The bus sold as part of the automotive collection of Arizona-based real estate developer Ron Pratte.

How many Futurliner still exist?

The Futurliner is an impressive behemoth of a vehicle, a symbol of the American automotive industry. Currently, there are only 9 of the original 12 Futurliners that still exist and the National Automotive and Truck Museum located here in Auburn, Indiana displays one of them.

Where can I see a GM Futurliner?

GM retained the exhibit at the end of the Parade of Progress. The exhibit of this Futurliner is kept at the General Motors Heritage Center in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The whereabouts of the vehicle itself are unknown.

How much did the kindig Futurliner cost?

In 2015, Futurliner No. 11 sold for $4 million at a Barrett-Jackson auction in Arizona. Kindig said he’s hoping to see Futurliner No. 3 in a reasonable area because “it certainly is worth that much.”

What was the cost to restore the Futurliner?

The Futurliner was restored by Canadian Daniel Noiseux and two friends who bought it from Bortz. “The original plan was to buy three, but we settled on this one for $10,000 because it was the best,” said Noiseux. “We had no idea what we were getting into.”

Who owns the Futurliner Number 3?

Nobody seems to know what happened to No. 3 in the years immediately following GM’s decommissioning of the Futurliners, but by the 1980s it ended up in the hands of concept car collector Joe Bortz, and a decade later, it made its way to California-based truck collector Brad Boyajian.

What was the GM Futurliner built for?

Twelve Futurliners were built and used by GM to transport the GM Parade of Progress show throughout the United States from 1941 to 1956.

How much was the Futurliner restoration cost?

Where is futurliner3?

Futurliner #3, “Power for the Air Age” is at home in Mr. Albaugh’s stable. “Power of the Air Age” you ask? A cutaway version of an Allison J-35 jet engine was the focal point of the display.

Does Bryce still work at kindig?

He sent his resume to Kindig-it Design, just to be able to say he had sent Dave Kindig his resume. And now, he is part of the team. 121 people like this.

What is the average cost of a Dave Kindig car?

Most of his earnings come from his car design and restoration business, Kindig It. Each car he works on costs the customer upwards of $200,000 and takes weeks of work. Some individual jobs can cost $500,000 or more.

Where can I find a GM Futurliner car?

Two of the finds are beyond restoration but will live on as parts for other restorations. The GM Futurliners are custom built vehicles that were styled by Harley Earl in the 1940s; they were also a very important part of the Parade of Progress. Front right of Futurliner #3 on display in Salt Lake City, UT. FlugKerl2 CC BY-SA 4.0

How much is a 1939 GM Futurliner worth?

This modified 1939 GM Futurliner is one of 12 built for GM’s Parade of Progress traveling exhibits and one of just 9 that survive today. These huge vehicles were used by GM until 1956, after which they were either donated or sold off. A restored Futurliner sold for $4.3 million at Barrett-Jackson in 2006, but this one is priced considerably lower.

What kind of tires does a GM Futurliner have?

Restored original gauges, JS Custom Interior upholstered back to original material. Y&Z wiring from front to back in period correct cloth and wax tied. Coker reproduction “Parade of Progress” wide white tires, original rims and hubcaps. Air Over Hydraulic Brakes.

What was the purpose of the General Motors Futurliner?

The GM Futurliners were a group of custom vehicles, styled in the 1940s by Harley Earl for General Motors, and integral to the company’s Parade of Progress — a North American traveling exhibition promoting future cars and technologies.