How much is a Greyhound ticket from Portland to Seattle?

Bus from Portland to Seattle from $22 | Greyhound.

How much is bus from Seattle to Portland?

What bus companies travel from Seattle to Portland?

Bus Daily Trips Avg. Price
FlixBus US 7 $16.22
Greyhound 2 $23.54
OurBus 2 $15.92

What happened to the Greyhound bus station in Portland Oregon?

9, 2019 1:30 p.m. Greyhound has relocated its Portland bus terminal, shutting down operations at its block-wide bus hub in Old Town Chinatown and replacing the station with a small ticketing office a block to the south. Passengers will have to walk a few blocks north to board the bus on NW Station Way.

How do I get from Seattle to Portland without a car?

The best way to get from Portland to Seattle without a car is to bus which takes 3h 30m and costs $10 – $35. How long does it take to get from Portland to Seattle? The bus from Portland to Seattle takes 3h 30m including transfers and departs twice daily.

Does Greyhound go to Oregon?

Greyhound Bus to Portland, Oregon from $10.

Did Bolt bus go out of business?

BoltBus competed with other low-cost carriers such as Megabus and Chinatown bus carriers. In the northeast, BoltBus provided service along the Interstate 95 corridor between Boston and Washington, DC….BoltBus.

A BoltBus in Portland, Oregon, in 2014
Parent Greyhound Lines
Founded March 27, 2008
Ceased operation July 1, 2021

Is there a train that runs from Seattle to Portland?

By Train. Amtrak runs five trains a day between Seattle and Portland, including the long-distance Coast Starlight. The good: Far more relaxing than driving. Enjoy the scenery, have a snack, a glass of wine.

Where is Greyhound station in Seattle?

Greyhound Station location is at the following address: 503 S Royal Brougham Way Seattle, WA 98134 USA. Find your way to this Seattle bus stop via the map on this page.

What cities does Greyhound service?

Greyhound, the largest North American intercity bus company, serves 2700 destinations in the USA and Canada with 20,000 departures daily. It’s a major presence in New York City’s Port Authority Bus Terminal. Greyhound buses connect New York City with Boston MA, Providence RI, Burlington and other Vermont cities and towns, Portland and Bangor ME.

Where can you purchase a Greyhound ticket?

Using a debit or credit card, you can purchase tickets at Greyhound stations, on the Greyhound website or by phone. Independent agents such as select gasoline stations and stores also sell Greyhound tickets.

What is Greyhound address?

Greyhound Lines Corporate Office Address 350 N Saint Paul St Ste 300, Dallas, TX 75201 (214) 849-8000.