How much is a private room at Maggianos?


How much does Maggiano’s banquet cost?


How many Maggiano’s locations are there?

Maggiano’s Little Italy/Number of locations
About Maggiano’s Little Italy Maggiano’s 52 restaurants nationwide offer brunch, lunch and dinner as well as delivery, carryout services and banquet spaces for special occasions. Maggiano’s is owned and operated by Brinker International, Inc.

What’s the meaning of banquets?

1 : a sumptuous feast especially : an elaborate and often ceremonious meal for numerous people often in honor of a person a state banquet. 2 : a meal held in recognition of some occasion or achievement an awards banquet. banquet. verb. banqueted; banqueting; banquets.

How much is Maggiano’s?

Maggiano’s Menu Prices

Food Size & Price
Mozzarella Marinara Regular – $9.50 Double – $15.50
Prince Edward Island Steamed Mussels, Tuscan Style Regular – $14.99 Double – $20.99
Prince Edward Island Steamed Mussels, Diavolo Style Regular – $14.99 Double – $20.99
Classic Tomato Bruschetta Regular – $9.50 Double – $15.50

Who owns Maggianos?

Brinker International
Maggiano’s Little Italy/Parent organizations
Brinker International, Inc. (or simply Brinker) is an American multinational hospitality industry company that owns Chili’s and Maggiano’s Little Italy restaurant chains.

How many Maggianos are there in the US?

54 maggianos locations
There are a total of 54 maggianos locations in United States as of April 22, 2021 The state with the most number of Maggiano’s Little Italy locations in the United States is Dallas with 3 locations, which is 6% of all maggianos locations in United States.

What is banqueting in a hotel?

Banqueting is the term used to describe the service of special functions in an establishment [ Banquet ] which is separated from the normal dining or service area found in the various restaurants within the Hospitality sector, meaning a service of special functions for a specific group of people at specific times where …