How much is an Airstream Bambi worth?

How Much Does an Airstream Bambi Cost? New models of the Airstream Bambi have MSRP prices ranging from $51,000 to $68,000.

Do Airstream Bambis hold their value?

Airstreams hold their value better than any other brand. Like a car, if you buy a new Airstream, it loses a portion of its value the moment you take it off the lot. Similarly, if you buy one used, you can save some money and sell it a year or two later for almost the same amount.

Does Airstream Bambi have a bathroom?

The Airstream Bambi is available in four floor plans, three of which include a bathroom with a sink, toilet, and a shower. With a standalone shower that includes a built-in seat, along with a bathroom vanity with plenty of storage space, the 22FB floor plan offers up more than enough space to get ready.

What size bed does an Airstream Bambi have?

48″ x 78″
Ewald Airstream – Bambi 16RB Starting at $48,900

Exterior Length 15′ 11″
Interior Windows and Skylights 7
Master Bed Configurations 48″ x 78″
Convertible Dinette, Lounge and Bed 40″ x 91″
Sleeping Capacity Up to 4

How much is a 22 ft Bambi?

A new Airstream Bambi that ranges in length from 16 to 22 feet will cost between $50,000 and $70,000 depending on the size you choose.

What is the difference between Bambi and Caravel?

Bambi has Hehr windows whereas Caravel comes standard with our hand-crafted, custom Airstream windows and are riveted right into the frame of the travel trailer. These windows are designed to give you a bigger opening radius so more breeze can flow throughout the cabin.

Can you ride in an Airstream while driving?

Surprisingly, many states allow you to ride in a travel trailer while it’s being towed. Some, such as Georgia and Idaho, allow riders to do so without any restrictions, AAA reports. But in California, you can ride in a towed trailer only with a door that opens from the inside.

Does Airstream Bambi have a TV?

For the Bambi, you can enjoy a 12v/110V LED HD TV with a DVD player or switch to over-the-air channels with the omnidirectional antenna. Step inside Caravel and get an even more premium experience with an LG LED HD TV (with antenna) and Blu-Ray player.

Are airstreams hot?

An Airstream in the direct sun gets hot. VERY hot. MUCH hotter than a Casita or a Scamp. I have had a parade of Airstreams as well as fiberglass trailers.

How much does Bambi weigh?


Sleeps 4 Length
Int Height 6 ft 4 in Interior Color
Hitch Weight 430 lbs Gross Weight
Dry Weight 2900 lbs Cargo Weight
Fresh Water Capacity 23 gals Black Water Capacity

Can Airstream Bambi fit in garage?

It will fit into a standard parking automobile space, and if your garage door is tall enough, you may even be able to squeeze it into your garage.

How big is the airstream Bambi travel trailer?

As with every Airstream travel trailer, the 22 foot Bambi is built with the same level of quality and incomparable durability which will last for generations to come. Today’s Airstream travel trailers are a testament to our promise not make changes for the sake of making changes, but to constantly make improvements.

What kind of bed does Bambi travel trailer have?

2021 Airstream RV Bambi 22FB, Airstream Bambi travel trailer 22FB highlights: Full Rear Bath U-shaped Dinette Sleeps Four Pillow Top Mattress US… Meticulously maintained, immaculate condition inside and out.

When did the first Airstream RV come out?

Since 1931, Airstream has been pioneering innovative RV technology like refrigerators, toilets, screens doors, and showers in travel trailers which have led the industry for innovative solutions that improve the travel experience.

What was the price of a 1966 airstream?

MOTORHOMES – Prices include air conditioning, generator, awning and microwave/convection oven (except B-van, gas legacy and le models). 1997 and newer models also include color TV, solar panel, power driver seat and leather cockpit seats. No longer producing. 1991-1996 models include TV, solar panel, power drivers seat and leather cockpit seats.