How much is the zipline at Moody Gardens?

Guests can enjoy the Ropes Course or Zip Line for just $18 each, or double the fun with a combo ticket for $27. Kids can take-on the Sky Tykes™ course for only $5 with a chaperone.

How high is the zipline in Moody Gardens?

81 feet
Moody Gardens Zip Line and Ropes Course The five-tier Sky Trail Ropes Course (or “challenge course”) is five stories tall – standing at 81 feet (25 m) tall – and features 48 obstacles (or “elements”) with the obstacles gradually getting harder with each tier.

Is Moody Gardens opened?

Opening Day is November 20, 2021.

Does Houston have ziplining?

There are several great ziplines all across the state, including some close to home in Houston. So, whether you’re looking for something new to do around the Houston area or want to get away for a day trip, these Texas ziplining tours are sure to create new memories for adventure seekers.

How much is parking at Moody Gardens?

Parking at Moody Gardens and at the Hotel is free!

What time does the pool close at Moody Gardens?

10am – 4pm
Open 10am – 4pm Daily.

Is Moody Gardens parking free?

Does Moody Gardens have a lazy river?

Palm Beach Moody Gardens Galveston | Lazy River & Wave Pool.

What are the hours of operation at Moody Gardens?

Hours of Operation Hours Of Operation Vary Seasonally & Per Individual Attraction. 10AM – 6PM

When is the zip line at Moody Gardens?

Ropes Course & Zip Line Challenge your agility, balance and strength as you encounter the five-tier Sky Trail® Ropes Course, the tallest steel ropes course on the Gulf Coast or take it to a whole new level with a round trip on the zip line. Friday – Sunday Only: 10:00am – 5:00pm

What to do at Moody Gardens in Galveston?

Moody Gardens is a unique attraction in Galveston that offers plenty of things to see and do that just about any traveler will enjoy. Part aquarium, part rainforest zoo, and part science museum, many of Moody Gardens’ attractions are contained in three beautiful glass pyramids.

Do you get discount on Moody Gardens day pass?

Visitors who purchase a day pass receive a 25% discount on Zip Line admission. You may also purchase tickets for individual attractions at Moody Gardens. Admission prices and hours of operation are subject to change.