How old is Kristin Cashore?

45 years (June 10, 1976)
Kristin Cashore/Age

When was Kristin Cashore born?

June 10, 1976 (age 45 years)
Kristin Cashore/Date of birth

Does Graceling have romance?

This book, that is perfect for fans of Sarah J. Maas, contains it all. From stunning writing, just the right amount of romance, and tears, to strong female characters, intense fighting sequences, and involved plot, this book should be read by every YA (or adult) fantasy lover.

Is Kristin Cashore writing anymore books?

Her most recent book, Winterkeep, was released in January 2021 and returned to the Graceling Realm series. Cashore has also written professionally for textbooks, and teacher editions, as well as for The Horn Book Guide.

Who does Katsa end up with?

On their way to Monsea, Katsa realizes she’s fallen in love with Po and has an extremely premature mid-life crisis. Eventually Katsa decides that while she can’t marry Po, she can become his lover.

Is Graceling a movie?

Graceling movie production status is currently Announced Reliance Entertainment has acquired feature rights Kristin Cashore’s young-adult fantasy trilogy.

How old is Jane in Jane unlimited?

Cashore’s first novel in four years covers an eventful weekend in the life of 18-year-old Jane, an orphan raised by an aunt whose recent death has left her niece unmoored.

Is Po blind Graceling?

He becomes blind as a result of his fall in Monsea. Upon embracing the full nature of his perception, it enables him to hide his blindness from all except Katsa and eventually evolves to a form of clairvoyance that gives him an omnidirectional sense of everything around him.

How old is Katsa in Graceling?


Age 18 (as of Graceling) 26 (as of Bitterblue)
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Green and blue

Will there be a book after Winterkeep?

Maggie There won’t be a sequel, per se, but Kristin Cashore has mentioned that she’s writing another Graceling Realm book from Hava’s perspective. Melody There is still room at the end of this novel for more adventures in this realm.

Will there be a fifth Graceling book?

As told by Publishers Weekly, a fifth installment is in the works. The outlet reports that Kristin Cashore spent two weeks aboard a ship in the Arctic Ocean to do research for the book that will follow Winterkeep.

Who does Bitterblue fall in love with?

In Graceling he asks Katsa to marry him and she declines, which leads him to believe she is in love with Po. Despite him at first considering Po his rival; the two become close friends in Bitterblue (Book) and he is eventually revealed to Po’s true grace….Lord Giddon.

Love Interest(s) Katsa (formerly) Queen Bitterblue