How old was Jeremy in Peter Pan 2003?

32 years (February 5, 1989)
Jeremy Sumpter/Age

Does Jeremy Sumpter act?

Good news friends, a now 31-year-old Jeremy is still acting. Notably, he played Jacob in 2014’s Into the Storm and had a recurring role as J. D. McCoy in Friday Night Lights until 2010. Oh, and we’re pretty sure he’s single after splitting from his fiancé in 2016.

Is Tom Holland actually playing Peter Pan?

The film features an ensemble cast that includes Tom Holland as Peter Pan with Ella Purnell, Noah Jupe, Nathan Mack, Gary Oldman, Kevin McNally, Colin Firth, Kate Winslet and Kaley Cuoco as Tinkerbell.

Who is Peter Pan’s crush?

Wendy Darling
Wendy Darling Wendy has an obvious crush on Peter Pan. She even tries to kiss Peter out of gratitude when he offers to take her and her brothers to Neverland. They all then happily fly to Neverland, and Wendy and Peter are shown to be holding hands at some point.

How old is Wendy Darling?

Her exact age is not specified in the original play or novel by Barrie, though it is implied that she is about 12–13 years old or possibly younger, as she is “just Peter’s size”.

Who is Jeremy Sumpter wife?

In December 2015, Sumpter announced that he and Lauren Pacheco were engaged to be married, but in October 2016 stated that they were no longer engaged.

Did Jeremy and Rachel date?

Although he didn’t want to admit it, Jeremy Sumpter finally realized that he was indeed in love with Rachel Hurd Wood. It took him years to realize it, but now he was fully certain that he was. He had tried his hand with another girl, which didn’t quite work out. They had gotten engaged, but they broke it off in 2015.

Is Jeremy Sumpter a girl?

Jeremy Sumpter (born February 5, 1989) is an American actor. His prominent roles include the title role in the 2003 live action film Peter Pan, Jacob in the 2014 disaster film Into the Storm, and the recurring role of J. D. McCoy in the NBC television series Friday Night Lights (2008–2010).

How old is Wendy in Peter Pan?

Who are the main characters in Peter Pan?

Cast overview, first billed only: Jason Isaacs Mr. Darling / Captain Hook: Jeremy Sumpter Peter Pan: Rachel Hurd-Wood Wendy Darling: Lynn Redgrave Aunt Millicent: Richard Briers Smee: Olivia Williams Mrs. Darling: Geoffrey Palmer Sir Edward Quiller Couch: Harry Newell

How old was the actor who played Peter Pan?

Peter is played by Jeremy Sumpter, who has blond hair and blue eyes, and his outfit is made of leaves and vines. He is also barefoot. Jeremy Sumpter was 13 at the beginning of filming and 14 at the end. Peter is in love with Wendy Darling and aware of his feelings but refuses to acknowledge them because of his fear of growing up.

Who is Wendy Darling in the Peter Pan movie?

Rachel Hurd-Wood as Wendy Darling: the eldest child of the Darling family and a surrogate mother to the Lost Boys and her younger brothers, John and Michael. Saffron Burrows plays the adult Wendy, who narrates the film.

Who is Aunt Millicent in the movie Peter Pan?

Aunt Millicent visits the Darling family, and upon judging Wendy to be “almost” a woman, tells Mr. and Mrs. Darling to put more thought into Wendy’s not-too-distant future and start to move up in social circles. Wendy catches a glimpse of Peter hovering over her bed that night and her nursemaid and dog Nana steals his shadow just as he escapes.