How tall is Cedric?

1.72 m
Cédric Soares/Height

Where is Cedric Soares from?

Singen, Germany
Cédric Soares/Place of birth

How old is Cedric Soares?

30 years (August 31, 1991)
Cédric Soares/Age

Where is Cedric arsenal?

On 26 January 2019, Cédric moved to Inter Milan on loan for the rest of the season, with an option to purchase for £9.5m in the summer.

Can Cedric play left back?

Cedric played at left-back last season when Kieran Tierney got injured. Arsenal have signed Nuno Tavares this summer, and the Portuguese youngster will deputise for Tierney. This means that the full-back could be a squad player at the Emirates Stadium.

What Cedric means?

ce(d)-ric. Origin:British. Popularity:2031. Meaning:kindly, loved.

What does Soares mean?

Soares is a common surname in the Portuguese language and Galician, namely in the Portuguese speaking world, as well as other places. It was originally a patronymic, meaning Son of Soeiro. It is equivalent to the Spanish surname Suárez.

How tall is Cedric Soares in feet?

What nationality is Cedric for Arsenal?

Cédric Soares/Nationality

Who did Cedric play for?

Portugal national football team#21 / Defender
Arsenal under 23DefenderArsenal F.C.#17 / Defender
Cédric Soares/Current teams

What is the biblical meaning of the name Cedric?

meaning: battlefield chieftain.

What nationality name is Cedric?

Origin of Cédric Cédric is the French variant of the Name Cedric. Cedric was first mentioned by the author Sir Walter Scott in his novel “Ivanhoe”. The name presumably derived by the Anglo-Saxon royal name Cerdic, which is originally a Celtic name or by the Brythonic name Caratacos.