How to Find Online Shopping Coupons Codes That Work

There is a constant annoyance with anyone looking online for coupon codes, and it revolves around the age old scenario of seeing something for sale, rushing to find a coupon, only to find when you punch it in that it’s either not valid, has as a minimum spend, or has expired entirely. It can often feel like a long, laborious task that has no guarantee of working out, but thankfully, there are a few ways of finding coupon codes that are far more likely to work.

Check the Outlet Itself

One of the major mistakes that people make is to start searching all manner of avenues to find a code for their purchase, when in actual fact they could simply go straight to the website they are shopping on. For instance, Googling “Carrefour UAE offers” will bring up hundreds of codes, most of which have not been removed from the various coupon mining sites they appear on. However, the easiest way would be to visit whichever website you are hunting for a discount on, and see what promotions will yield a valid, relevant and worthwhile code. Do they offer a newsletter subscription bonus? If you leave items in the cart, will a 15% ‘rush bonus’ be emailed over? Very often, we search for things that are already in front of us.

Try a Dedicated Voucher App

Amongst the outdates websites that do not check the validity of their coupons, there are an array of decent, regularly updated apps specifically for coupon hunters. The Huffington Post gives a good insight into just which apps are reputable, how regularly they are updated and which ones provide instant discounts instead of rebates. It’s worth noting that many cashback sites will actually pair with retailers to give exclusive discounts, so it is a good move to download several apps, see which offers the best discount at the time of redemption and go from there.

Opt For a Browser Add On

According to Voucher Codes, Britons save approximately £9.3bn per year by using coupons, and that’s just in one country. However, it is shocking to think how many savings go to waste by people who do not feel they have the time nor the inclination to look. This is where browser add ons come in handy. Some of the more reputable voucher websites have started to move in the direction of taking the hard work out of coupon searching. With a browser add-on, the retailer will be detected and the add-on will either suggest the best coupon available at the time, or sometimes will even autofill and apply the coupon automatically, meaning that you have saved money without even having to lift a finger. Again, however, it is worth going for a more reputable voucher code provider to avoid a deluge of dead and ineligible codes.

Hit Social Media!

This is perhaps the fastest growing area. Voucher code websites and the retailers themselves will often post the most recent voucher codes, either as a short or long term promotion, on one or more of their social media channels. It’s quick and free, and when it comes from the retailer, you know it’s going to be valid.

In summary, as a buyer, there are so many places to begin the voucher code search, but not so many where you can receive a constant supply of rewarding and working codes. Try all of the above together on an ongoing basis and the discounts and rebates will start rolling in.