How to make your brother’s wedding anniversary special

Brothers are amazing! They are the apple of our eye, and the bond that we share with them is amazing. We know our brother so well that we know exactly what they will like on their birthdays or graduation day.

But their wedding anniversary is a completely different situation. You are not giving a gift just to your brother, but also to your sister-in-law. So, you need to put a little more thought into that gift.

Ensure that the gift you give them on their anniversary is useful, thoughtful, and something the couple will certainly love.

Most of the time we end up giving traditional gifts, like watches or his & her combo boxes or gifts baskets. They are great gift ideas, but if you truly want to surprise your brother and your Bhabhi, you need something more special.

Don’t worry, we have a few amazing gift ideas that will surprise them, and put them over the moon.

Start the day off by delivering a special bouquet and card to them with anniversary quotes for brother and Bhabhi wishing them. Then, you can choose any of the below ideas which will make for an exciting surprise.

Let’s see these ideas…

1. Give them tickets to an unknown destination

If your brother and his wife love to travel, this is the perfect gift for them. Plan a weekend or two days trip for them to an unknown destination where they always wanted to go.

Plan their whole trip, from tickets to the hotel, book everything and surprise them. Make sure you give them a bit advance notice, otherwise they might not be able to go.

2. Babysit their kid

If your brother has a kid, this is the perfect gift for them. They are dotting parents, but being If your brother has a kid, this is the perfect gift for them. They are dotting parents, but being a parent means that you hardly get time to spend together without the kid. So, offer to babysit your niece or nephew so that they both can enjoy the whole day together.

They can go to a spa or lunch or a movie or anything they ever wanted to. It is a great gift as you are giving them the gift of time to spend together.

3. A trip down memory lane

Why not make the couple remember their first date or the day when they first met each other? Since you are close to your brother, you must be pervy to all these details, even to those facts which not many people know.

Use that to your advantage, and re-create the day so that they can be nostalgic. Reserve the same restaurant, pre-order the same drink and food that they order, ask them to come to the restaurant at a particular time, and set up the cake and so on.

You can take help from the restaurant to set all this up, and surprise your brother and Bhabhi to this exotic date.

4. Renew their vows

If they got married a while back, you can organize a little get-together and make them renew their vows. You can do the whole thing where you have a little dance party, have all the rituals, and then get them to renew their vows.

Or you can keep it simple by having your close family present and renewing the vows during sunset.

5. Road trip

Rent a bike or car for them and send them off to a road trip to a place which is an hour or so away. Let them relive their college or days when they used to do that.

6. Camping

Organize a camping trip for them, you and some friends or cousins can also join. There you can have a bonfire, dance and singing party, and have fun. Also, make sure that the lovebirds get at least some alone time during the trip.

7. Dance classes

You can enroll the love-birds into dance classes or even a baking class. These two are perfect classes where they can have fun and spend quality time together. Let it be a surprise and enroll them in one day class only.

If they want to continue, they will. Also, make sure that the time of the class doesn’t clash with their office time or so on.

Share some of your ideas with us in the comments below.