In which month soybean is grown?

Soybean is the major oilseed crop cultivated during Kharif season. Sowing starts in June and the crop gets harvested in September. It has been observed that prices start to fall during the sowing and planting stage, and continue to decline further during the crop development stages in July, August and September.

What is the rate of soybean in Maharashtra?


Date of Arrival Max Price (Rs. / Quintal) Modal Price (Rs. / Quintal)
16-10-2021 5,401 5,250
21-10-2021 5,330 5,150
22-10-2021 5,270 5,090
23-10-2021 5,312 5,125

How profitable is soybean processing?

Based on cash flow analysis, the extruding-expelling process is profitable when the scale is over 4.1 million kg of annual oil production. For hexane extraction, the scales of 173.22 and 415.73 million kg of annual soybean oil production are profitable due to positive NPV at 7% and 10% interest rates.

What is the price of soybean today?

Soybean Price Live

Last Price Change Vol
5220 60.00 23810
5260 46.00 9905
5319 40.00 1705

What time of year do you plant soybeans?

Sow and Plant Plant seeds from spring to early summer. Soya beans must have warm soil to germinate and grow. Poke holes into a cultivated bed or row to plant soybean seeds about 5 cm (2in) apart and 1 cm (1/2in) deep.

What time of year do you harvest soybeans?

When the days get shorter and temperatures start to cool, leaves on soybean plants slowly turn yellow. By mid-October and November, these leaves turn brown and fall off, leaving the mature soybean pods behind, ready for harvest.

What is the seed rate of soybean?

Seed rate: The optimum seed rate of 55-65 kg/ha with a spacing of 30-45 cm, which can be reduced with the use of broad-bed-furrow/ridge-furrow.

What is the average yield of soybeans per acre?

47.4 bushels per acre
The 2021 estimated soybean yield compares to other recent national average soybean yields of 47.4 bushels per acre in 2019, 51.6 bushels per acre in 2018, 49.1 bushels per acre in 2017 and the record U.S. average soybean yield of 52.1 bushels per acre in 2016.

How much oil does 1kg soybean produce?

If you process 1kg soybean, the amount of soybean oil you can get is different, based on different processing method. Using soybean pretreatment and pressing method, you will get about 130g soybean oil. If you use solvent extraction method to extract soybean oil, you will get about 190g soybean oil.

Which Indian state produces soybeans?

Madhya Pradesh
The leading producer of soybean in India is Madhya Pradesh, followed by Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

What is the price of soybean per kg?

Soya Bean at Rs 44/kilogram | Soyabean, Soybean, Soybean, Soybean Dal, Soybean Dal – Al-Falah Agro, Parbhani | ID: 4356945991.

How late can I plant soybeans?

“Soybean planted in mid- to late June needn’t be managed much differently than early-planted soybeans. Our recent research indicates that narrow rows tend to yield more regardless of planting date, and raising seeding rates seldom produces an advantage when planting late,” he says.

Which is the leading soybean oil plant manufacturer in India?

Today, Mectech is a leading Soybean Oil Extraction Plant manufacturer or Soybean Oil Plant manufacturer in India and abroad with its latest techniques and energy efficient plants. Being one of the leading Soybean Refined Oil Plant suppliers, we have supplied more than 350 plants in different parts of the world on turnkey basis.

What do you need to know about soybean processing?

This method removes the anti-nutritional factor and makes the oil more accessible. Cleaning – at the start of the soybean processing, it is important to remove stones with a destoner, metal parts with a magnet and small grit & fines with a vibrating sieve.

Is there a ban on soybean meal in India?

INDORE: As dialogues with China on revoking ban on imports of Indian soybean meal has advanced, the government has recently inspected about 15 top soya processing plants of the country to ensure proper quality to fulfil Chinese standards.

What is the process of refining soybean oil?

As stated above, solvent extracted SOYBEAN oil undergoes refining process in SOYBEAN oil refining plant. The process of SOYBEAN oil refining is conducted in four steps which are listed as well as explained below – Crude soybean oil contains a relatively high concentration of phospholipids compared with other vegetable oils.