Is a 444 Marlin good?

444 Marlin is better than both of them. Hornady has Superformance ammo that pushes a 265-grain flat-point bullet to 2400 fps, which means it is the fastest straight-wall rifle cartridge on the market. While that may not be impressive to long-range rifle shooters, in this class of ammo it’s excellent.

What is the range of a Marlin 444?

about 200 yards
According to M. L. McPherson (editor, Cartridges of the World), “the 444 is fully capable against any species in North America” and describes its useful range as being out to about 200 yards (180 m). The typical . 444 Marlin fired from a rifle has more impact energy at 200 yards (180 m) than a .

What is a 444 Marlin used for?

44 Magnum is a fine brush gun, and well suited for hog hunting at moderate range, the . 444 Marlin can be a true big-game rifle.

Does a 444 Marlin kick?

Figures show that a 444 Marlin with a 240 grain bullet loaded to 2,400 feet per second (in a 7.5 pound rifle) only has a recoil of 23.3 pounds.

Who makes Marlin ammo?

Marlin Firearms

Type Subsidiary
Founder John Mahlon Marlin
Headquarters Madison, North Carolina, United States
Products Firearms, weapons
Parent Sturm, Ruger & Co.

How hard does a 444 Marlin kick?

What bullet does a 444 Marlin use?

444 Marlin is Hornady’s 265 grain jacketed flat point, followed by Speer’s 270 grain Gold Dot, Barnes’ 275 grain offering, and then several 300 grain bullets including the Barnes’ JFP, Hornady’s XTP, and Sierra’s and Speer’s 300 grain JFPs.

Is 45 70 worth it?

45-70 is a very accurate round, it is difficult to shoot at longer ranges because the slow velocity and low ballistic coefficient of the bullet combine to produce a pretty steep trajectory. 45-70 load, a bullet will drop nearly 50 inches between 350 and 400 yards!

Which is better 45 70 or 450 Marlin?

450 Marlin has almost identical ballistics to magnum . 45-70 ammo and both are quite a bit more powerful than the lower end . 45-70 Government loads safe to use in the Trapdoor Springfield. After all, the two cartridges have almost identical ballistics and are available in many of the same rifles.

Which is better a.444 Marlin or a.458?

The .444 Marlin has a smaller frontal diameter, and bullets of equal weight will possess a higher Sectional Density than those .458-inch diameter bullets, and should offer better penetration.

Which is better a 450 Marlin or a 500 s and W?

The .500 s&w generates 2-3000 ft/lbs of energy, so between the two. Its also a handgun caliber though, optimized for a rifle, you might be able to get a little more out of it. Short answer .450 Marlin > .500 > .45-70 Out of a modern rifle you could push the .45-70 to these higher levels though.

When did the.444 Marlin rifle come out?

Though the .45-70 Government cartridge has been in production since 1873, there was a time when a new rifle chambered in that cartridge just wasn’t offered. To fill the void, Marlin Firearms teamed up with Remington to develop a cartridge which would see the light of day in 1964: the .444 Marlin.

What’s the muzzle velocity of a.444 Marlin?

.444 Marlin Ballistic Facts The flattest-shooting.444 Marlin load is probably the 265-grain FP Superformance load from Hornady. It has an advertised muzzle velocity of 2,400 fps. If it achieves that, zeroed at 100 yards, the bullet will drop about 8 inches at 200 yards, 30 inches at 300 and 6 feet at 400.