Is Amerigroup in Georgia?

Amerigroup Community Care has served Georgia families since 2006 through our Medicaid insurance and other low-cost health coverage. With our experience and over 300,000 members, we understand what you want from a health plan and your Medicaid program.

What type of company is Amerigroup?


Type Subsidiary
Industry Health Insurance, Managed Health Care
Founded 1994 (as AMERICAID Community Care) 1996 (as Amerigroup)
Headquarters Virginia Beach, Virginia
Key people Peter D. Haytaian, Executive Vice President, Government Business Division, Anthem, Inc.

How do I find my TennCare provider?

To find out what Doctors or other Health Care Providers take TennCare you can contact the Managed Care Organizations. If you already have TennCare, the name of your Managed Care Organization can be found on your TennCare Card.

Does Amerigroup cover braces in Georgia?

Georgian Medicaid does not appear to pay for braces for kids with a handicapping malocclusion. The state-published handbook indicates the program includes preventive dental care, fillings, and oral surgery for children. Therefore, we conclude that Georgia includes coverage for braces only when medically necessary.

How do I get a Medicaid provider number in Georgia?

Go to the Georgia Web Portal homepage at and click on the Provider Enrollment/Enrollment Wizard link. Scroll down to the bottom left side of the page and click on Provider Enrollment Application. Then click on the continue application button and enter the ATN and Business or Last Name.

What all does Medicaid cover in Georgia?

What Does Georgia Medicaid Cover?

  • Doctor’s Office Expenses. Georgia Medicaid will cover doctor’s office fees, for regular check-ups and urgent care visits.
  • Diagnostic Expenses.
  • Hospital And Nursing Home Expenses.
  • Dental Expenses.
  • Pregnancy and Family Planning Expenses.

Is Amerigroup and TennCare the same thing?

TennCare. TennCare is the state of Tennessee’s Medicaid program. It provides health care to low-income pregnant women, children, older adults and individuals who have a disability. Amerigroup is a health plan serving TennCare members in the state of Tennessee.

Is amerigroup a Medicaid plan?

Amerigroup is a health insurance plan that serves people who receive Medicaid. Members receive the care and services needed to become and stay healthy. During the application process, you will be able to choose a health plan. Learn more about our Medicaid health plans and how to enroll by choosing your state below.

Is TennCare Bluecare Medicaid?

TennCare is Tennessee’s Medicaid program which provides health insurance coverage to certain groups of low-income individuals such as pregnant women, children, caretaker relatives of minor children and older adults and adults with disabilities. TennCare operates with an annual budget of approximately $12.9 billion.

Does Medicaid pay for Invisalign?

While Medicaid does cover some orthodontic procedures for qualifying patients, Invisalign is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered.

What does Amerigroup Medicaid cover?

The Medicaid programs AmeriGroup covers include, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Security Income ( SSI ), Long Term Care (LTC) and State Children’s Health Insurance Program ( SCHIP ). Supplemental Security Income is designed to assist the elderly and disabled.

Is Amerigroup community care Medicaid?

Amerigroup Community Care achieves highest Medicaid NCQA scores in Georgia. The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) evaluates health plans on the quality of care members receive and how happy members are with their plan.

What does Amerigroup cover?

Amerigroup programs covers different services such as specialty and primary physician’s care, outpatient and inpatient hospital care, durable and home health medical equipments, dental care, prenatal care, x-ray and laboratory services, podiatry , prescription and non-prescription drugs, nursing home and long term care, chiropractic care,…