Is Aurora an edge city?

In his 1991 landmark work, Edge City: Life on the New Frontier, journalist Joel Garreau identified four “edge cities” in the Chicago region-the Schaumburg area (including Hoffman Estates and the Woodfield Mall); the O’Hare Airport area; the “Illinois Research and Development Corridor” (including the area around Oak …

Where are edge cities located?

Most edge cities develop at or near existing or planned freeway intersections, and are especially likely to develop near major airports. They rarely include heavy industry.

What is an edge city example?

Tysons Corner, Virginia, is one of the most famous examples of an edge city. An area becomes an edge city when there is a concentration of firms, entertainment and shopping centers in a previously known rural or residential area. An edge city is an American term that thrived towards the end of the 20th Century.

Is Mississauga an edge city?

Four of the new edge cities are anchored by huge shopping centres and surrounded by condos. They are: Markham Square, Mississauga Square One District, Scarborough Town Centre and the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.

Is Buckhead an edge city?

Edge City Profiles The downtown/midtown area can be counted as a single edge city. The Buckhead area is a second center, anchored by the largest retail mall in the southern half of the country and a high profile office and hotel skyline.

Is Irvine an edge city?

Garreau’s list of “Emerging Edge Cities” includes three in California–Irvine, Pasadena and Contra Costa County.

How is an edge city different from a suburb?

An edge city is a specialized suburb that provides mainly businesses, entertainment, and shopping centers while a suburb tends to be purely residential.

What is a modern edge city?

An edge city is a term coined by Joel Garreau’s in his 1991 book Edge City: Life on the New Frontier, for a place in a metropolitan area, outside cities’ original downtowns (thus, in the suburbs or, if within the city limits of the central city, an area of suburban density), with a large concentration of jobs, office …

What are edge cities AP hug?

Explanation: The term “edge city” is a relatively new term in the parlance of American urban geography. The city exists on the fringes of a larger city and acts as a regional hub for recreation, business, or other commercial activity for the suburban population of the larger city.

Is Detroit an edge city?

Edge Cities are impossible without the automobile. This is fitting because the first Edge City was Detroit’s New Center, which was developed in the 1920’s, three miles north of that city’s downtown.

Does Dallas have edge cities?

While Downtown Dallas Inc. has expanded its definition of downtown beyond the central business district, we will have our own new set of edge cities in proximity to downtown Dallas.

Where are the edge cities in Los Angeles?

Greater Los Angeles Central Los Angeles and Westside Beverly Hills/Century City San Fernando Valley Burbank/North Hollywood Elsewhere in Los Angeles County Pasadena Orange County Anaheim–Santa Ana edge city Other counties Ontario Airport/Rancho Cucamonga

How big is an edge city in square feet?

Originally, Garreau defined edge cities in the North American context, though he gave some examples outside North America. To qualify under Garreau’s rules, an edge city: has five million or more square feet (465,000 m²) of leasable office space. has 600,000 square feet (56,000 m²) or more of leasable retail space.

Which is the best edge city in Canada?

1 Brampton 2 Mississauga 3 Markham 4 Vaughan Metropolitan Centre

What does edge city mean in Urban Dictionary?

An edge city is a term for a concentration of business, shopping, and entertainment outside a traditional downtown (or central business district) in what had previously been a residential or rural area.