Is Aylmer Quebec a good place to live?

This neighbourhood is ideal for families and those looking to start a family. With parks on every corner, great schools, and quick access to the beach, there is no better place to raise a family. This is your minivan, two kid family kind of town.

Is Aylmer English?

Aylmer is a former city in Quebec, Canada. It is located on the north shore of the Ottawa River and along Route 148. In January 2002, it amalgamated into the city of Gatineau, which is part of Canada’s National Capital Region.

What is Aylmer Ontario known for?

Aided by easy access to Lake Erie, Aylmer became by the mid-1860s the marketing centre for a rich agricultural and timber producing area. This station is now home to the Ontario Police College and The Aylmer Wildlife Management Area.

Is Gatineau Quebec a good place to live?

Gatineau is a wonderful place to live! As the fourth largest city in Quebec, Gatineau is the perfect size for ease of living and has all of the amenities of a larger city.

Is Aylmer Quebec safe?

Do you feel safe walking alone at night in Parc Aylmer? Extremely safe. Night or day, it’s a very safe place.

Is Hull Gatineau safe?

While Gatineau does have some crime, overall it’s very low. The most commonly reported crimes are that of theft and drugs. However, they’re still low in comparison to other big cities. Violent crimes are extremely low, and residents rate their feeling of safety as high when walking home alone at night.

Can you swim at Aylmer Marina?

This park offers outdoor activities such as cycling on a bicycle path, picnic areas, play structures for children and of course a beautiful beach for swimming.

Are there Amish in Ontario?

Mennonites/Amish in Ontario are generally rural with roots in farming but with congregations in cities as well (examples, Greater Toronto Area, St. Catharines, London, Hamilton, and Ottawa, along with a strong urban presence in Waterloo Region). There is also a major urban presence in Western Canada.

Who owns the Aylmer Express?

Arthur Hueston
Arthur Hueston bought The Aylmer Express in 1947 from Tom Barnecott. Since that time three Hueston generations have worked at The Aylmer Express and continue to strive for excellence in service and quality in both newspaper and commercial print fields.

Do they speak English in Gatineau?

Gatineau also has one of the highest bilingualism rates, with 63.5% of its population fluent in both English and French.

Where should I live in Gatineau?

The Best Areas to Stay in Gatineau, Canada

  1. Recommended area: Hull. Hull is located to the west of the city and borders Ottawa on the south.
  2. Downtown Gatineau. Downtown Gatineau is the heart of the city.
  3. Aylmer. Aylmer was an independent city that became part of Gatineau and is located west of Hull.

Where is Aylmer on the Ottawa River in Canada?

Aylmer is a former city in Quebec, Canada. It is located on the north shore of the Ottawa River and along Route 148.

How to describe the population of Aylmer Ontario?

Aylmer Ontario The table shows total, male and female data grouped by geography (appearing as column headers) for selected characteristics (appearing as row headers). Characteristic Aylmer

When did Aylmer become part of Gatineau, Quebec?

In 2002 the City of Aylmer became a part of Gatineau when the then-Parti Québécois government forcibly merged several clusters of cities and metropolitan areas throughout Québec.

What was the Main Street in Aylmer, Quebec called?

Numerous businesses and shopping malls were built along the Main Street including les Galeries Aylmer and the Glenwood Plaza, the latter being destroyed by a fire in 2005 and rebuilt. In addition, several golf courses, a Sheraton hotel, and a movie theatre were added through the city.