Is Boronia a good investment?

To me Boronia is a solid investment place if you want to live in the east and access all the great facilities that are available to you. All the major highways, public transports are available at arms length. House price is increasing in last few years and rent yield is pretty good.

Is Berwick a good investment?

Berwick is a Top-Performing Suburb. The Melbourne real estate market has been through one of the biggest property booms in recent memory. But the growth for some suburbs is far from over. Experts are predicting that some areas in South-East Melbourne still have above-average growth on the cards for those who buy well.

Is Boronia a safe suburb?

Boronia is a great family suburb now and has lots of family’s and first home buyers looking to start a family. I have resided in Boronia for 18 years and have always found it to be a safe place to live. The local newspaper often shows police information about what crime is being committed in the Knox district.

Is Bayswater a good suburb investment?

Bayswater has a lot to offer residents and astute investors as it boasts most desired amenities, but is still relatively and reasonably priced. Lots of shops to choose from, train station, parks and easy access to big shopping centres and freeways are just a few reasons why it is a great suburb.

What line is Boronia station on?

Belgrave line
Boronia railway station is located on the Belgrave line in Victoria, Australia. It serves the eastern Melbourne suburb of Boronia, and it opened on 19 June 1920.

Why is keysborough so expensive?

Re: why is keysborough getting so expensive? It’s called over population. Demand for housing is at crisis levels (especially renting) and the gov’t is asleep at the wheel. The whole situation is really bad and getting worse.

Is Narre Warren a good investment?

All of this and more with a median price of approximately $360,000 makes Narre Warren not only affordable, but also a great investment.

Which Melbourne suburb has the highest crime rate?


  1. CITY OF MELBOURNE. 20,859.7 offences per 100,000. Population: 135,969.
  2. CITY OF YARRA. 13, 566.6 offences per 100,000. Population: 86,657.
  3. PORT PHILLIP. 11,793.0 offences per 100,000. Population: 100,863.
  4. GREATER DANDENONG. 11,574.5 offences per 100,000.
  5. STONNINGTON. 10,041.7 offences per 100,000.

Is Boronia native to Australia?

Boronia megastigma, or Brown Boronia, is a small shrub native to southwestern Western Australia occurring from Perth to Albany.

What kind of company is Boronia capital Pty Ltd?

Boronia Capital Pty Ltd operates as an investment firm. The Company offers investment advisory and portfolio management services. Boronia Capital serves customers in Australia. NO. OF EMPLOYEES

What is the growth rate of Boronia Vic?

Based on its average 5-year and quarterly capital gains BORONIA, 3155 saw average growth in the long term. A survey of average capital gains or median home price increase in suburbs across the country shows that the VIC suburb obtained a 5.05% growth over a ten-year period.

When did Boronia capital start trading futures market?

The firm is heavily research- and technology-focussed, employing a team of highly trained professionals. The firm commenced trading in 1993 and continues to utilise advanced infrastructure and computer-driven models to trade CFTC approved futures and cash FX markets across varying asset classes and time frames.

What’s the average rent for a house in Boronia?

With the median home price in BORONIA sitting at $655,000, and the average rent at $410, property owners could potentially earn a 3.25% increase in gross rental yield. Figures from the previous quarter show that capital gains for real estate buyers in BORONIA are low, as opposed to average gains per annum over the past five years.