Is bromine 80 radioactive?

A study of the radioactive isotopes of bromine has been carried out by cross checking a number of nuclear reactions induced by bombarding the elements arsenic, selenium, bromine, krypton and rubidium with neutrons, deuterons, and electrically accelerated α-particles. 2.2 Mev; Br80 (4.5 hrs.) 2.0 Mev; Br82 (33.9 hrs.)

How many protons neutrons and electrons does BR 82 have?

So Bromine Br−1 has 35 protons, 36 electrons and 45 neutrons.

Why is bromine-79 more common?

The most common isotope of bromine is bromine-79. As all bromine atoms have 35 protons, this isotope thus would have 44 neutrons.

What is the difference between bromine-79 and bromine-81?

The atomic mass of bromine (Br) is 79.90. There are two main isotopes at 79 and 81, which average out to the 79.90amu value. The 79 has 44 neutrons and the 81 has 46 neutrons. While it won’t change the average atomic mass, scientists have made bromine isotopes with masses from 68 to 97.

What is the composition of one atom of bromine 80?

Diagram of the nuclear composition, electron configuration, chemical data, and valence orbitals of an atom of bromine-80 (atomic number: 35), an isotope of this element. The nucleus consists of 35 protons (red) and 45 neutrons (orange). 35 electrons (white) successively occupy available electron shells (rings).

What is the mass number of bromine 82?


PubChem CID 105174
Structure Find Similar Structures
Molecular Formula BrH
Synonyms Bromine-82 14686-69-2 Bromine, isotope of mass 82 brom-82 82Br More…
Molecular Weight 82.9248

How many neutrons does bromine 80 have?

45 neutrons
Bromine has a mass number of 80 and 35 protons so 80-35 = 45 neutrons.

What is the difference between bromine 79 and bromine-81?