Is Burgman 200 available in India?

Suzuki has priced the 2021 Burgman 200 at $4,999 (approximately Rs 3.65 lakh) in the US. The Indian market hasn’t really developed an appetite for maxi-scooters, so the Burgman 200 is unlikely to be brought here anytime soon.

How much is Suzuki Burgman in the Philippines?

The Suzuki Burgman Street 2021 price in the Philippines starts from ₱76,900 . it is available in 2 colors, 1 variants in the Philippines. The Burgman Street is powered by a 124 cc engine, and has a Variable Speed gearbox.

Is the Suzuki Burgman reliable?

Reliability & build quality The Burgman range has been around since 1998 so there should be no issues with reliability. However, previous models have suffered from problems with corrosion, so maintenance through winter months is key. Our Suzuki Burgman 400 owners’ reviews have a good score for reliability.

Is burgman a good scooter?

We highly recommend the BS6 Burgman for its ease of rideability as well as generally a wide range of capabilities that you will expect from your scooter. Here was one scooter that offered almost everything including good looks, the big automatic two-wheeler feel and most importantly happy knees.

How fast does a Burgman scooter go?

It flat out goes with 0-60 mph times under 7 seconds and a top speed approaching 120 mph.

How fast does a Suzuki Burgman 650 go?

160.0 km/h
With this drive-train, the Suzuki Burgman 650 is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of 160.0 km/h (99.4 mph) ….

Suzuki Burgman 650 Engine and Transmission Technical Data
Maximum torque 62.00 Nm (6.3 kgf-m or 45.7 ft.lbs) @ 5000 RPM
Engine Maximum RPM
Cooling system Liquid

What is the price of Suzuki Burgman in India?

The Suzuki Burgman Street 125 comes in one variant and is priced at Rs 77,900, ex-showroom.

Is Suzuki Burgman Fuel Injection?

The BS6 compliant BURGMAN STREET is equipped with Fuel Injection technology and Integrated Engine start and Kill switch to offer smoother riding experience at less emissions. Today, we are delighted to offer this premium scooter with BS6 engine along with Fuel Injection technology to make it even more enjoyable.

Is the Suzuki Burgman automatic?

Key Features. A fuel-injected, DOHC, 399cc liquid-cooled, single cylinder engine that powers a seamless, CVT automatic transmission.

What kind of bike is the Burgman 200?

2020 SUZUKI BURGMAN 200, Our versatile Burgman scooters give you a comfortable commute with the power of a full-sized motorcycle…. 2019 SUZUKI BURGMAN 200, Everything you thought you knew about smart commuting and exciting riding is about to change….

How much does a Suzuki Burgman scooter cost?

The Burgman 200 takes the opulent maxi-scooter concept of its bigger siblings and scales it down to be more economical. Instead of $8-$11g and 40-50 mpg, the Burgman 200 should cost $5-6g and achieve 60 mpg. First impressions of the Burgman 200 are that it’s quite large and 200cc seems like it’s not going to be enough motor.

What kind of engine does a Suzuki Burgman have?

Please ride carefully and do not overly rely on ABS. Strong, 200cc, four-stroke, single cylinder, fuel-injected, SOHC, four-valve engine develops seamless power across a wide rpm range. The Suzuki fuel-injection system with O2 feedback plus catalyzer-equipped exhaust boosts fuel efficiency and minimizes emissions.

Which is better Honda Smax or Suzuki Burgman?

Honda’s PCX150 and Yamaha’s SMAX are the most comparable models because of their sporty styling and close-in-displacement single-cylinder engine. Although the Burgman might have a slight displacement advantage, it does have a $1,000 increase in price over the other two models listed.