Is bus from Abu Dhabi to Dubai Open?

Public bus transport service from Abu Dhabi to Dubai has resumed. Services had been halted since last year to contain the spread of Covid-19 pandemic. Though the operations have restarted, there are no return services, i.e., a bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi will operate with just the driver and without passengers.

How much is a transfer from Dubai to Abu Dhabi?

Transportation from Dubai airport to Abu Dhabi is generally possible through a taxi service or the metro + intercity bus service operating from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station in Dubai. Traveling by Dubai airport taxi usually takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes to the centre of Abu Dhabi and costs approximately 80€ (335 AED).

How do I book a free shuttle with Emirates?

Book your bus transfer You must book at least 48 hours before you are due to travel. Your email address will be shared with Quick Shuttle in order for you to receive a ticket for your bus journey after the booking is made on The Bus ticket will be mailed to you 7 days prior to your scheduled departure.

How much is the bus from Abu Dhabi to Dubai?

Abu Dhabi to Dubai bus fare is AED 25 (one side).

How much is a bus from Abu Dhabi to Dubai?

Is there RTA bus from Abu Dhabi to Dubai?

RTA Bus Services There are three bus services from Dubai to Abu Dhabi; the E100 service, the E101 service, and the E102 bus service. All are operated by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The E100 bus service departs from Al Ghubaiba Bus Station.

How much is the bus fare from Abu Dhabi to Dubai?

The cost of the ticket for the bus from Abu Dhabi to Dubai is 25 AED ($6.81 USD). You can buy your ticket at the station, and there’s no need to purchase it in advance. If you have been to Dubai and have a NOL card already with a balance of 25 AED, you can pay the fair with the card.