Is Cascade S or R better?

The S may be SLIGHTLY lighter and have better venting, the R has nicer tilt, better customization, it’s smaller than the S, and it’s an all around great helmet. There’s not enough of a difference between the S and the R for me to want to spend more on an S.

How heavy is a cascade s helmet?

50 kg

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 cm
Color Black, White

How heavy is a lacrosse helmet?

As a colored white lacrosse helmet, the EVA foam and liner are combined to make your playing more comfortable and safe at the very most. The STX Lacrosse Helmet weighs only 4.2 lbs, making it easy to carry and manage throughout the game’s course.

Who made SS helmets?

Dr. Friedrich Schwerd

Used by See Users
Wars World War I German Revolution Chinese Civil War Winter War World War II Korean War
Production history
Designer Dr. Friedrich Schwerd

When did the Cascade’s come out?

The S helmet comes in all the same colors as the R, with the additional Metallic Gold shell finish, and can be customized for team orders or individual purchase. Proudly made in the USA and with a one year warranty, the new S helmet by Cascade drops on July 16th, 2017 for individual and bulk orders.

Do lacrosse players wear helmets?

In girls’ lacrosse, players are allowed, but not required, to wear flexible protective headgear. What they aren’t allowed to wear is the type of hard-shell helmet with a full-face mask that the boys’ lacrosse players use.

Who has the best helmets in ww2?

The American M1 helmet and the German Stahlhelm can rightly be called the best helmets of the Second World War. Unlike the Stahlhelm, which was made in several sizes, the M1 was made in one size. Thus, American factories simplified the production process and reduced the burden on military logistics systems.

When did the Cascade R come out?

NEW YORK, NY — Cascade Lacrosse is proud to announce the launch of the R Helmet. Coming July 1st, the R helmet marks the most advanced impact management system Cascade has ever created.

What kind of helmets did the SS wear?

SS Helmets 1 Originally this helmet was an Austrian Police helmet , the holes on the side would hold the Austrian bomb badge. 2 Painted satin black for the SS , note that the interior under the leather still has the original green paint. 3 Carries the Pocher SS runes and party shield More

When did Bielski remove his SS helmet band?

However two weeks later, on 5 Oct. 1944, WBK Dortmund issued a dispatch to the Sicherheitspolizei (SiPo) SD Einwanderer-Zentrale Litzmannstadt, confirming Bielski’s German ethnicity. Originally had a Party shield on the other side but it was carefully removed. 1943 Dated liner band.

Why was there a mirror rune on the SS helmets?

The most probable reason is that in Austria the SS were outlawed prior to the Anschluss (1938) and this mirror rune was a clever ruse to still show the runes. There is only one Bielski in the entire SS rolls. He was a stateless Polish Volksdeutsche who was born 6 May 1910 in Deutschdorf, Kreis Schildberg, Poland.