Is Castle Gwynn open to the public?

It’s Official! Opens on May 8, 2021 and continues on May 9,15,16,22,23,29,30, and Memorial Day May 31. Join us on open days from 10AM – 6PM.

Who owns the castle in Franklin Tennessee?

Mike Freeman
Castle Gwynn has been built by Mike Freeman over a period of years and is his private home. Initial groundbreaking was in 1980. Currently there are two towers.

What is the Castle on 840 in Tennessee?

It’s also the castle-builder’s home. Directions: East of Triune. Hwy 840 exit 42….Book Now.

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Can you get married at Castle Gwynn?

3One day, you can get married at Castle Gwynn It is modeled after the dining hall in a French hunting lodge (what they called small rural castles). The fireplace will be big enough to stand inside and there will be a working drawbridge.

Where is the castle in Love Story?

Nashville, Tennessee
“Love Story” | Castle Gwynn Near Nashville, Tennessee The music video was shot largely on location at Castle Gwynn, a majestic, privately owned castle located on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee. The castle was the vision of Mike Freeman who had it built in the early 1980s.

Who owns Gwynn Castle?

The castle’s owner, portrait photographer Mike Freeman, began dreaming up this dwelling in the 1970s, as a high school student sitting in architecture class, after his teacher assigned him and his classmates to design their dream house.

Can you visit the love story castle?

As part of the festival, Castle Gwynn is open for tours, so Swifties near and far can live out their “Love Story”-inspired dreams—and maybe even wear a satin ball gown to truly channel your inner Taylor Swift.

What castle did Taylor Swift Love Story?

Castle Gwynn
Back in 2008, Castle Gwynn received nationwide recognition thanks to its appearance in Taylor Swift’s music video “Love Story.” Loosely inspired by Romeo and Juliet (but with a happy ending), the song became the first single of her album Fearless.