Is Chesterfield A good furniture brand?

This reputation is well deserved, as the Chesterfield is a British classic and has been the sofa of choice around the world for those looking to create a timeless décor in their homes for hundreds of years. With the reputation for class also comes a reputation for quality.

Is abbyson Furniture Made in USA?

Abbyson products are designed in California by our team of architectural & interior design experts and manufactured globally throughout Asia and Europe. Visit our product care page for more information on caring for your furniture.

How can I tell if my Chesterfield leather sofa is real?

One of the biggest indicators of a poor-quality Chesterfield is the use of imitation leather in the place of the real thing. A good indicator of quality is to see if there are any natural imperfections in the hide — if there are then the chances are that it is genuine and of good-quality.

Who owns abbyson furniture?

Abby Rafieha –
Abby Rafieha – Founder and CEO – Abbyson Corporation | LinkedIn.

Is abbyson furniture made in China?

Abbyson Living designs and produces contemporary furniture in its China, Germany, Italy, and Malaysia factories and imports them into the warehouse at their international corporate headquarters in Chatsworth, California.

Is Chesterfield a brand or a style?

Is Chesterfield a brand? No, Chesterfield is a style of furniture, not a brand. To illustrate this, you can compare the Chesterfield style to the station wagons among the cars; Chesterfield is therefore a particular style within all furniture.

Why do people love Chesterfield sofas?

The Chesterfield sofa acquired its name from Phillip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, and what makes the sofa particularly distinct is the fact that it actually looks better as it ages. Its elegance and dignity, like wine, gets better with age, and this makes it a very worthy investment, indeed.

What makes a genuine Chesterfield?

A real chesterfield sofa will have a several layers of fine padding. They wrap them in horsehair. The use of horse hair for sofa padding has been around for centuries after being introduced in Germany by some innovative furniture makers. A real chesterfield sofa should be very soft and comfortable for seating.

What are the ratings of abbyson living furniture?

Abbyson Living ranks 374 of 1588 in Furniture and Decor category. The overall rating of the company is 1.8 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: “Buyer beware!

How much does it cost to use abbyson?

Enjoy your Abbyson product now with your family and friends—all while having the convenience of a monthly payment that works best for your budget!

What kind of warranty does abbyson home have?

Our warranty and accidental plans will keep you protected. At Abbyson, our dedication to value and passion for constant improvement begins with expert craftsmanship and efficient manufacturing.

How long does it take to ship from abbyson?

Enjoy peace of mind when purchasing direct from Abbyson – the designer, manufacturer, and distributer. Hundreds of qualifying items, ready to ship same-day and deliver within days! Order worry-free! Our warranty and accidental plans will keep you protected.