Is Chris Drury in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

He even won the Little League World Series in 1989. His list of accomplishments is long, so it’s no surprise he will be inducted into the United States Hockey Hall of Fame.

How many Stanley Cups did Chris Drury win?

Chris Drury won a Stanley Cup with the Colorado Avalanche in 2001, is a three-time medalist in international competition, is the only player ever to capture the Calder Memorial Trophy and Hobey Baker Memorial Award and helped Boston University earn the NCAA title in 1995.

Where is Chris Drury from?

Trumbull, CT
Chris Drury/Place of birth

Who is Chris Drury married to?

Rory Drury
Chris Drury/Spouse

Drury and his wife Rory have three children: two daughters and a son. and currently resides in Greenwich, Connecticut. Drury’s older brother, Ted, played professional hockey in the NHL between 1989 and 2001.

Is Jack Drury related to Chris Drury?

Personal life. Jack’s father, Ted Drury, played for eight seasons in the National Hockey League. His uncle is former professional hockey player Chris Drury, who currently serves as general manager for the New York Rangers.

Who is Chris Drury’s agent?

Forever Blueshirts on Twitter: “One final note: Chris Drury agent during his career was Peter Fish (who represents Eichel)”

How old is Chris Drury?

45 years (August 20, 1976)
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Who owns NY Rangers?

James L. Dolan is Executive Chairman of Madison Square Garden Sports Corp. (MSG Sports), which features the New York Knicks (NBA) and New York Rangers (NHL) franchises.

Who owns Madison Square Garden building?

The Madison Square Garden Company
Madison Square Garden Entertainment
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How much is Charles Dolan worth?

5.5 billion USD (2021)
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Who owns the Rangers hockey?

New York Rangers
City New York City, New York
Colors Blue, red, white
Media MSG Network MSG Plus ESPN (98.7 FM) ESPN Deportes (1050 AM)
Owner(s) Madison Square Garden Sports (James Dolan, chairman)