Is Darling Lili a true story?

Not even the real Mata Hari, but a Mata Hari-like character plying her trade during World War I. Andrews is, believe it or not, a double agent. She’s a German spy named Lili Schmidt (or Smith) with an incredibly lifelike British accent, working in Paris and asked to seduce an American soldier (Hudson) for information.

What is the movie Darling Lili about?

In World War I London, half-British, half-German Lili Smith (Julie Andrews) lets her German “uncle” — a foreign agent and German military liaison — talk her into spying. A dance-hall singer who is popular with the British troops, Lili uses her charm and racy numbers to secure the interest of flying squadron leader Maj. William Larrabee (Rock Hudson). Before Lili can pass on vital information, however, she finds herself in love with Larrabee — who unfortunately discovers her real identity.
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When was Darling Lily made?

June 24, 1970 (USA)
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Where was Darling Lili filmed?

California Doubling: The scenes at the airfield were filmed in Ireland, while scenes in Paris were shot in Brussels. Ireland’s Trinity College also stands in for Kessler’s German residence. The theatre Lili performs in what is meant to be London was actually in Dublin.

Who are the actors in the movie Darling Lili?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Darling Lili is a light-hearted 1970 American musical and spy film, written by William Peter Blatty and Blake Edwards, the latter also directing the film. It stars Julie Andrews, Rock Hudson, and Jeremy Kemp, with music by Henry Mancini and lyrics by Johnny Mercer.

What are some old songs that Henry Mancini sings?

1 Moon River (From Breakfast At Tiffany’s) 2 The Sweetheart Tree 3 Peter Gunn 4 It Had Better Be Tonight 5 Dear Heart 6 Baby Elephant Walk 7 Two For The Road 8 Days Of Wine And Roses 9 The Pink Panther Theme

What was the best song in Darling Lili?

Despite being a financial failure, Darling Lili won a Golden Globe for best song, was nominated for a number of other awards, and was a modest success with critics. The song “Whistling Away the Dark”, music by Henry Mancini, lyrics by Johnny Mercer, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song.

What was the original length of Darling Lili?

In 1991, at the behest of Michael Schlesinger, then the head of Paramount’s Repertory division, Edwards was invited to recut Darling Lili to his original intentions. This director’s cut was 29 minutes shorter than the original release.