Is Evernote Portable?

although it appears a portable was available back in 2012.

What’s better than Evernote?

Google Keep For all those who use Google products would find Google Keep as the best alternative to Evernote. Save your thoughts wherever you are and capture every thought conveniently. Add notes, lists, photos, and audio to Keep.

Can Evernote be hacked?

The blog also notes that even though hackers got access to the personal information of Evernote users, which includes passwords, the password themselves were protected by one-way encryption, i.e. they were hashed and salted. Screengrab of Evernote’s website. Never use the same password on multiple sites or services.

How much does Evernote Premium cost?

Evernote Slashes Premium Subscription Rate Amid Reports of Company ‘Death Spiral’. Productivity app Evernote has slashed its premium subscription rates amid reports of a flurry of key staff departures at the startup. An annual membership for the productivity suite now costs $42, down from $70, provided customers pay the fee in one lump sum.

What is included in Evernote Premium?

Evernote Premium, the top tier, adds the most features, such as the ability to search for text in Office documents and PDFs, annotate PDFs, scan business cards and suggested notes and content from the web that are relevant to the note you’re currently working on.

How do I cancel Evernote Premium?

1. Log in to the account from the Evernote homepage. 2. Click the account name at the upper right and select “Account Settings.” The default information that will appear next is the “Account Summary.”. 3. In the “Billing Summary” section, click “Cancel Subscription.”. Evernote official page on closing a premium account.

How much does Evernote Business cost?

A Plus or Premium account will be required for users who want to sync their notes across more than two computers, tablets and smartphones. Evernote Premium, meanwhile, will now cost $7.99 per month, up from $5.99.