Is goat raising profitable in Philippines?

Goat raising is highly profitable. With minimal initial capital investment of P67,250 for 25 doe level; P174,500 for 50 doe level; or P349,000 for 100 doe level, positive net income and return on investment (ROI) are realized, even as early as the first year.

How much are goats in the Philippines?

Prices. The average farmgate price of goat for slaughter during the quarter was PhP 169.58 per kilogram, liveweight. This was 14.3 percent higher than the previous year’s same quarter average farmgate price of PhP 148.38 per kilogram, liveweight.

How much is a Boer goat in the Philippines?

Do you have a Goat for Sale Philippines? Boer goat prices range from $60-$2000; however, average Boer goat prices are around $80-$150.

What do goats eat in the Philippines?

“Because of the rising cost of commercial feeds these days, goats have become one of the most economical alternatives for meeting the protein needs of Filipino families.” Goats require low maintenance because they eat tree leaves, grasses, weeds, and agricultural by-products.

How much does it cost to farm goats?

Goat Farming Project Report:

Time Period (months) No. Of Goats Total Cost (in Rs).
02 months 150 x 5 Rs daily x 30 days x 2 months ,45,000
06 “ 150 x 5 Rs daily x 30 days x 6 months 1,35,000
06 “ 265 x 5 Rs daily x 30 days x 6 months 2,38,500
06 “ 380 x 5 Rs daily x 30 days x 6 months 3,42,000

What is Philippine native goat?

The Philippine native goat is a small, stocky animal with a mature weight ranging from 15-30 kg. It is red, white or black or a combination of these colors. It is primarily raised for meat and seldom for milk (ABILAY, 1985). Most goats in the Philippines are marketed in the live per head basis.

How much is a kilo of goat?

From around 131.53 Philippine pesos per kilo in 2014, the average farmgate price of goats from commercial farms was around 180.06 Philippine pesos in 2019….

Characteristic Price per kilogram in Philippine pesos

How do you take care of a goat in the Philippines?

A fenced loafing area beside the goat house must be provided (100 to 150 m2/50 hd. ), complete with feeding racks and water troughs, to allow animals to loaf freely. Flooring of the area must be cemented to facilitate drying. Cogon and nipa as roof materials are preferred in hot and humid areas.

What are the best goats for beginners?

Best Goats for Pets #1 Pygmy Goats #2 Nigerian Dwarf Goats #3 Alpine Goats #4 LaMancha Goats #5 Boer Goats

Are goats profitable?

Goats are more profitable than sheep. There are many factors that contribute to a farmer’s profits. These factors include the price that goats or sheep sell for at market. Their age to maturity and the number of kids each year also affect a farmer’s profitability.

What is meat goat farming?

Goat farming is the raising and breeding of domestic goats (Capra aegagrus hircus). It is a branch of animal husbandry. Goats are raised principally for their meat, milk, fibre and skin. Goat farming can be very suited to production with other livestock such as sheep and cattle on low-quality grazing land.