Is Harlem a good neighborhood?

Harlem is a wonderful place to call home in NYC. It offers affordable housing, iconic restaurants, community vibes, thriving music and cultural scene, and proud history. The area is also a great neighborhood for people who value living in a diverse area.

What is the toughest borough in New York?

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – Staten Island is the most dangerous place in the U.S. for pedestrians—and other New York City boroughs aren’t far behind, according to a new study.

Is Brooklyn the worst borough?

Noise complaints made to 311 compiled for a study by PropertyClub over a period from January, 2019 through February, 2020, have showed that Brooklyn is officially the city’s noisiest borough, and also that Staten Island is the quietest borough. …

Is Brooklyn worse than Manhattan?

Generally speaking, Brooklyn neighborhoods tend to have a more open and residential feel. The streets are usually wider, and the buildings aren’t as tall as you’d find in Manhattan. The pace of life also tends to be slower, and the sense of community stronger.

Is Harlem poor?

The poverty rate in Central Harlem was 20.1% in 2019 compared to 16.0% citywide. Real median gross rent in Central Harlem increased from $830 in 2006 to $1,260 in 2019. In 2019, 23.7% of renter households in Central Harlem were severely rent burdened (spent more than 50% of household income on rent).

Is Harlem safe during the day?

Harlem is safe during the day;we have several friends who live there on West 116th Street,West 125 Street and one other close to the river.

What is the cleanest borough in NYC?

Meanwhile, community board 11 in the East Bronx, covering Morris Park, Pelham Parkway, Allerton, Van Nest, and Pelham Gardens was the borough’s cleanest with a 98.6% rating.

Is Harlem safe for tourists?

Is Harlem Safe to Visit? With urban development along 125th Street and the surrounding streets, most of Harlem is safe, more so during the day. Since you may be new to NYC, for your comfort we recommend the following: During the day, use the same precautions you would when visiting any other New York City neighborhood.

Is Manhattan or Queens better?

The difference is minimal, but you’ll still find a more affordable home in Queens rather than Manhattan. Living in Manhattan might be more expensive. On the other hand, the jobs have the same pay, but since Manhattan has more banks, companies and retail stores than Queens the average pay is a little higher.

Where do wealthy black people live in NYC?

Bedford-Stuyvesant is considered to have the highest concentration of black residents in the United States.

What’s the difference between Brooklyn and Harlem in New York?

Harlem is a neighborhood that’s part of Manhattan while Brooklyn is one of the 5 boroughs of the city of NY. (boroughs are Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island and Brooklyn) Brooklyn is across the East River (erego the need for the bridge 😉 4. Re: Harlem vs Brooklyn

Which is the worst part of Harlem to live in?

With Harlem you also have different areas within it. IMO East Harlem is the worst part, because most of the public housing is concentrated over there. IMO, Crown Heights, ENY, and Brownsville are on par with East Harlem, but the rest of Harlem is better than those neighborhoods.

Where do I live in Harlem New York?

I live in Hamilton Heights, which is part of West Harlem. Part of Hamilton Heights overlaps with Sugar Hill, and it borders Manhattanville to the south and Central Harlem to the east. Washington Heights, which is not part of Harlem, is to the north.

Why did I have to move to Harlem?

Still, moving to Harlem was the smartest decision I could have made. UPDATE (March 2019): Three years later, I’m still living in Harlem and still loving it. I had to leave my apartment because my landlady sold the brownstone, but I ended up moving into a much larger apartment one block away.