Is honor 6 a good phone?

Verdict. For a 20K budget, the Huawei Honors 6 has a lot of promise, good specs, good performance and a beautiful design. The 3GB RAM and the power sipping octa-core Kirin 920 processor make the phone a far more intriguing smartphone then the competition.

Is Huawei Honor 6 waterproof?

Honor 6 Plus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Is the Huawei Honor 6 Plus waterproof? Yes, the Honor 6 Plus is a 4G-LTE smartphone that is rated 4G LTE cat6 (301 Mbps).

Which Honor series is best?

Honor 20 Pro Then the Honor 20 series is currently your best bet, and the Honor 20 Pro is the most capable device in the family. The Honor 20 Pro packs a Kirin 980 processor (also seen in the Mate 20 and P30 series), plenty of RAM, 256GB of storage, a 4,000mAh battery, and a side-mounted fingerprint scanner.

Is honor 5X a good phone?

The honor 5X brings a beautiful metal build, a big 5.5-inch screen, and a fingerprint scanner, all for under $200 – features unheard of for such a low price point. Even with questionable software, a mediocre camera and sluggish performance, this affordable phone is still worth picking up.

What is the price of honor 6?

Honor 6 Price in India

Product Name Price in India
Honor 6 (3GB RAM, 16GB) – Black ₹ 14,999
Honor 6 (3GB RAM, 16GB) – White ₹ 14,999

Will there be honor band 6?

The Honor Band 6 will go on its first sale on June 14 on Flipkart. The device has been priced at Rs 3999 in India. It has been launched in three colours including Coral Black, Coral Pink and Sandstone Grey.

Is Huawei Band 6 scratch proof?

The Review. While reviewing the Huawei Band 6 watch, the watch has scratch resist 3D curved glass display which makes the watch look bezel-less. There are 96 presets available on the watch which can use during workouts or even casual walks.

Does Huawei Band 6 have speaker?

The New Huawei Band 6 w/ free bluetooth speaker.

Is Honor and Huawei same?

It was formerly owned by Huawei Technologies. As part of the former owner Huawei Consumer Business Group’s dual-brand strategy, Honor provides smartphone handsets targeting young consumers but has released tablet computers and wearable technology as well. As of 2016, George Zhao served as global president of Honor.

Which phone is best oppo or Honor?

Honor also has a better track record than the Oppo or Realme when it comes to camera performance. So, we’d have to give this one to the Honor 9X by a slight margin. Additionally, all three phones seem pretty evenly matched in the front camera department.

Is honor 5x Waterproof?

The Honor 5x is a good-looking aluminum phone that will retail for $200. The Band Z1 will come in three colors — white, cream, and black — and will retail for $80. It’s IP68-certified, meaning it’s waterproof to a depth of 1.5m.

Does Honor Band 6 have GPS?

The Honor Band 6 doesn’t feature GPS and its implementation of Connected GPS, usually a good replacement for the real deal, is a bit broken. The result is that, unlike most phones, you’ll have to start a fully tracked and mapped workout on your phone, not on the band itself.