Is hope in love with Lightning?

Devoted To You – By XIII-2, Hope is completely devoted to Lightning. Implied Love Interest – In the trilogy, it’s never directly stated Hope is in love with Lightning, though this is confirmed in one of the novels. • Love Hurts – Hope was tortured for 169 years because of his love for Lightning.

What happened to hope in Lightning Returns?

After Lightning and Fang convince Vanille to guide the dead to the Ark to be reborn in the new world, Bhunivelze awakens and uses Hope’s now soulless body as a medium to absorb the souls of Noel, Fang, Vanille and Snow.

How old is hope in ff13?

Hope Estheim (ホープ・エストハイム, Hōpu Esutohaimu) is a 14-year-old boy who is an exile at the start of Final Fantasy XIII. At the beginning of the game, Hope and his mother Nora, on vacation in the town of Bodhum, are selected for the Purge.

Why is hope a kid in Lightning Returns?

Hope messaged Snow about Lightning’s foreseen return as the savior and warned him of the fake Lightning. Bhunivelze tortured Hope and regressed him into a teenager to better meet his standards as a “pure and innocent” vessel and better understand humans.

Who is Lumina ff13?

Lumina is a major antagonist in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. She resembles Serah Farron in appearance and crosses paths with Lightning during her quest to save the world, at times appearing as a friend and other times as an adversary.

Who voices hope Ffxiii?

Vincent Michael Martella
Vincent Michael Martella (born October 15, 1992) is an American actor, voice actor and singer. He voices Hope Estheim in Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels.

What Final Fantasy game is hope in?

Final Fantasy XIII
Hope Estheim is a playable character in Final Fantasy XIII, who also appears in a major supporting role in Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. He is the son of Nora and Bartholomew Estheim.

What is Lightning’s real name ff13?

Claire Farron
Lightning’s real name is Claire Farron in English and Éclair Farron (エクレール・ファロン, Ekurēru Faron) in Japanese. During the early stages of production, Lightning’s real name was Averia: “Eclair” was used to keep this name secret, but it was eventually chosen as her official name.

How tall is hope FF13?

Hope Estheim is 14 years old in FF13 and stands at 5’0” (153 cm).

How old is Vincent Martella?

29 years (15 October 1992)
Vincent Martella/Age

Where is Vincent Martella today?

He is also the voice of Hope Estheim in the 2010 video game Final Fantasy XIII, and in its sequences, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Currently, at 28, Martella divides her time between residing in Los Angeles and Florida.

What does hope’s eidolith look like in Final Fantasy XIII?

Trivia In Final Fantasy XIII, while Hope sometimes refers to Lightning as “Light” in the English version, he calls her “Light-san” for the rest of the game after she tells him to in the Japanese version. Hope’s eidolith is in the shape of a star, almost resembling the crystal in the Final Fantasy IX logo ().

What happens to Hope in Final Fantasy XIII?

In Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero -Promise-, Hope believes his father prioritizes work over family and no longer keeps his promises to him and Nora, let alone listens to them. Bartholomew only brushed Hope aside the last time he tried to talk with his dad.

How old is Hope Estheim in Lightning Returns?

During Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Hope has physically regressed to his 14-year-old self from Final Fantasy XIII. His personality is still that of an adult, though his emotions have been sapped, distancing him from the woes of the world below. He has become emotionally disconnected from his memories,…

How old is Hope Estheim in Final Fantasy?

During time off from school, a 14-year-old Hope and his mother Nora were on a ten-day vacation in Bodhum to see the annual fireworks show. Nora hoped to use the break to heal the rift between Hope and his father, Bartholomew. After checking into their beach resort condo, Hope and Nora visited the shopping mall.