Is it better to be good or bad in Infamous 2?

If you choose good karma, your tribe will generally be a lot more accepting of you. They will want you back home and rejoice when you get home. If you choose evil karma, they do not have the same reaction. I won’t ruin the story here, but let’s just say they are not pleased with what you have done.

What does karmic overload do in Infamous?

A Karmic Overload occurs when Cole’s Karmic power is at its fullest (Hero or Infamous). This power gives Cole unlimited energy for a short period of time. It can only be used when a player has maxed out either Good karma or Evil karma, and will drain a large portion of Karma after use.

Is it better to sacrifice the tribe or turn yourself in?

If you want to gain good karma you need to Turn Yourself In (the blue option). If you want to gain bad karma, you need to mind your own business and Sacrifice the Tribe (the red option).

Can you get more powers in infamous second son?

There is a total of four powers to unlock in InFAMOUS: Second Son; Smoke, Neon, Video and Concrete. Each of these powers comes with a standard projectile ability and we suggest levelling up your projectiles for each power as soon as you get them.

Should I be evil in second son?

If you’re just playing it once, be good. The evil storylines in inFamous games have always felt tacked on, it’s better in Second Son, but it still feels like it doesn’t fit the overall story. Play whichever, the game is really quite short. So eventually you’re going to end up playing it twice anyways.

How do you use overload burst in Infamous?

Overload Burst This was a charged lightning bolt available to heroic Cole, and fired by aiming and holding / releasing R2. The shot conducted through metallic surfaces and enemies.

Is delsin Rowe evil?

In this Karma State, Delsin is a ruthless and selfish man. He only cares about how his powers benefit him and other conduits. After killing Betty and presumably everybody in the longhouse he shows very little remorse for his actions. He has no sense of morality and will kill those in his way of absorbing more powers.

Is delsin Rowe an anti-hero?

Delsin Rowe is the main protagonist/anti-hero of InFamous: Second Son. His ethnicity is of Akomish Native American.

How does karma work in the first infamous game?

In the first game, seemingly to prevent grinding up to Hero or Infamous rank too early in the story, the bar’s progress is mission-gated: Cole can only gain a set amount of Karma in one direction before the bar stops moving.

What happens when you import trophies in Infamous 2?

Infamous 2 allows the import of the trophy data in Infamous. Doing so will affect the game in specific ways, namely the following: Have good or evil trophies from inFamous – Starts the game at level 1 Good Karma or level 1 Evil Karma.

What is user generated content in Infamous 2?

A new feature dubbed User-Generated Content has been made for inFamous 2. It allows the user to create their own mission that has their own set of goals, targets, challenges, and conditions. The feature allows the user to manipulate elements in the game and utilize it to create their own unique mission.

When is the release date for Infamous 2?

Infamous 2 (stylized as inFAMOUS 2) is an open-world action adventure game developed by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, released on June 7, 2011 in North America. It was also released on June 8 (Europe), June 9 (Australia), and July 7 (Japan). It was sold exclusively to PlayStation 3 .