Is kuroba toichi still alive?

Toichi Kuroba (黒羽 盗一 Kuroba Tōichi?) is Kaito Kuroba’s father, a world-renowned magician, and the original Kaitou Kid….

Toichi Kuroba
Status: Assumed dead (previously) Missing (probably alive)
Aliases: Kaitou Kid Phantom Thief Kid 1412 Kaitou 1412
First appearance: Magic Kaito Chapter 1 Anime: Episode 219

What is Kaito Kid’s real name?

Kaito Kuroba
Kaito Kuroba (Japanese: 黒羽 快斗, Hepburn: Kuroba Kaito), the true identity of the gentleman thief “Kaito Kid” (怪盗キッド, Kaitō Kiddo, “Kid the Phantom Thief”), is a fictional character and protagonist of the Magic Kaito manga series created by Gosho Aoyama.

Does Kaito end up with AOKO?

In Magic Kaito, Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori are not yet a couple, since the manga is not finished yet. But in the last chapter of Yaiba, a scene set after a three years time skip has Keiko Momoi telling Sayaka Mine that Kuroba and Nakamori are a couple now, while Keiko’s friend confirms having seen them together.

Who killed Kaito father?

Kaito later unearths that his father was killed by Snake over a mysterious jewel known as the Pandora Gem. Toichi appeared in a flashback episode of Detective Conan, where it was revealed that he had instructed Yukiko Kudo in disguises and that he and Yusaku Kudo were semi-friendly rivals.

What does 1412 mean in Magic Kaito?

“Kaitou” means Phantom Thief in Japanese, and when the original Kaitou Kid began performing his art, he was referred to as “International Criminal #1412”.

Is Conan same as Kaito?

Manga and Anime[edit] In the manga, Kid and Conan are rivals. Ever since Kaito met Conan, Kaito always seems to be anticipating Conan’s appearance at his heists. The two teen’s current rivalry is a foil of their parents’ similar past rivalry; Toichi Kuroba, the first Kaitou Kid, was known to challenge Yusaku Kudo.

Why does Kaito look like Shinichi?

Kaito just so happens to look almost identical to Shinichi Kudo, the lead protagonist of Case Closed. The most likely reason for this is that Aoyama really wanted that design to take off, so he simply copied it over to the series he did alongside Magic Kaito. Like this, he’s even fooled Ran, Shinichi’s girlfriend.

Is Kaito Kid completed?

Unfortunately, to this day there’s been no end to Kaito Kid’s storyline.

How old is Kaito Kid in Magic Kaito?

^ Magic Kaito Volume 5, Files 1-2: “The Phantom Lady”. This marks Toichi’s first officially known foray into theft with the trademark Kaito Kid outfit and mannerisms. ^ Kaito’s age is never stated in the manga, but due to his high school grade he is between 16-17 and likely celebrated a birthday behind the scenes.

Who is the actor who plays Kaitou Kid?

Jii Kōnosuke?) temporarily portrayed Kaitou Kid eight years following Toichi’s death in an effort to lure out Toichi’s murderers. Jii ceases being Kid and becomes Kaito’s assistant when Kaito dons the mantle of Kaitou Kid himself.

What happens to Kaito Kid in Case Closed?

But instead, they wind up transforming him into a young child, who continues to try and solve cases while hunting down the organization. But when he’s not dealing with murder cases and battling the Black Organization, he occasionally deals with a certain phantom thief known as The Kaito Kid. But what do we really know about Kid?

Who is the current Kaitou Kid Detective Conan?

Jii ceases being Kid and becomes Kaito’s assistant when Kaito dons the mantle of Kaitou Kid himself. Since then, Jii has occasionally been a decoy Kid on Kaito’s behalf, but more commonly he assists on heists in other ways. Kuroba Kaito?) is the current Kaitou Kid.