Is Lagos ice cream Cash only?

You can leave the credit cards at home when heading to Lago’s Ice Cream? it’s strictly cash-only.

Who owns Lagos ice cream?

Owned by the whole Lago family, Andrea and Steve became sole owners in 2010 and shortened the business’ name to Lago’s Ice Cream. The couple’s two children, Erica, now 32, and Michael, 29, both began working at Lago’s around the time they turned 12.

What is funky panda ice cream?

Funky Panda is Oreo ice cream with toasted coconut and a caramel swirl. It is a flavor so remarkable, it even has the lactose intolerant screaming for more ice scream.

Did Izzy’s Ice Cream close?

Share All sharing options for: No More Tiny Ice Cream Hats For Your Cones, A Favorite Scoop Shop Announces Closure. Izzy’s Ice Cream, home of the tiny second scoop, has announced the closure of its Minneapolis ice cream shop, effective August 31.

What replaced Izzy’s?

The Marshall Avenue spot — left vacant earlier this year when Izzy’s closed its original ice cream shop after 20 years — has been filled with two new tenants that will each take a portion of the space: Nelson’s Ice Cream and Vikings & Goddesses Pie Co.

Why did Izzy’s shut down?

Izzy’s, the Albany-based pizza chain, has closed restaurants in Gresham, Wilsonville and in South Salem, costing about 75 jobs. But company executives said there is no truth to news reports that the closures are part of a broader cutback forced by the economic downturn.

What happened to Izzy’s ice cream?

MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 9) – Izzy’s Ice Cream will be closing its Minneapolis shop near Gold Medal Park just months after the owners decided to permanently close their St. Paul location amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Owners Jeff Sommers and Lara Hammel made the announcement Tuesday evening with a post on Izzy’s Instagram page.

Why did Izzy’s close?

The Izzy’s Scoop captured the spirit of the brand’s retail experience. They aimed to “over-deliver” to customers, Sommers said. But with declining revenues and a demoralized staff, he continued, “We wouldn’t be who we are.” It wasn’t a given that the Minneapolis scoop shop would close, even if the building sold.

Where is Izzy’s Ice Cream?

Izzy’s Ice Cream is a local Minnesota company that makes artisan ice cream by hand at its Minneapolis kitchen with a team of ten employees. Izzy’s uses cream from a fifth-generation, family-owned, award-winning creamery: Lamer’s Dairy out of Appleton, Wisconsin.

How many Izzy’s restaurants are there?

Currently, there are nine Izzy’s locations in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, where you can still enjoy a range of delicious foods.

What happened to Izzy’s Restaurant?

Why did Izzy’s Pizza close?

Unfortunately, due to economic reasons regarding COVID-19 we have decided to officially close our doors.