Is Los Gigantes nice?

Los Gigantes is an attractive resort where buildings are all low rise except for one high rise hotel. The resort is often referred to as upmarket and will appeal to families and couples. The roads are very narrow hilly and winding. This part of Tenerife has more sunshine of any other part of the island.

Is Los Gigantes Lively?

Whether you’ve spent the day exploring the countryside or just lying on the beach or by a pool the evenings in Los Gigantes can be as lively or as laid back as you wish- from an array of quiet relaxing bars and restaurants to the lively pace of cabaret bars or discos catering to all tastes.

How high are the cliffs at Los Gigantes?

600 metres
Located on Tenerife’s western coast, the sheer, rocky walls of Los Gigantes [Giants] rise majestically above the sea, in places reaching a height of 600 metres.

What area of Tenerife is Los Gigantes?

Santiago del Teide municipality
Los Gigantes is a resort town in the Santiago del Teide municipality on the west coast of the Canary Island Tenerife. Its main feature are the giant rock formations, Acantilados de Los Gigantes, that rise from the sea to a height of 500-800 metres (1,640–2,625 ft) after which the town has been named.

What is the quietest part of Tenerife?

9 quiet towns in Tenerife that are still off the radar

  • Buenavista Del Norte. You’ll find this pretty town on Tenerife’s northern coast.
  • Garachico.
  • San Cristóbal de La Laguna.
  • Los Silos.
  • Masca.
  • Arico Nuevo.
  • Icod de los Vinos.
  • Taganana.

How much is a taxi from Tenerife Airport to Los Gigantes?

Los Gigantes is situated on the west of the island. It is approximately 41 km from Tenerife South Airport….Taxi Transfer to Los Gigantes.

Private Transfer from Tenerife South Airport to Los Gigantes Price
Car (1-4 passengers) €63
Superior Minivan (6 passengers) €109

Is Los Gigantes hilly?

Los Gigantes is dominated by huge cliffs and so it is quite a hilly resort.

Is Masca Valley Open?

If you want to go on the trail, you have to get to Masca village only by public transport from Buenavista del Norte or from Santiago del Teide. The opening hours of the canyon trail will be from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in summer, and from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in winter (at the moment, only weekends and holidays).

Where is Tenerife?

Canary Islands
Tenerife, island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife provincia (province), Canary Islands comunidad autónoma (autonomous community), Spain, located in the Atlantic Ocean opposite the northwestern coast of Africa. It is the largest of the Canary Islands.

Is Los Gigantes north or south Tenerife?

Los Gigantes is a small, charming seaside town on the west coast of Tenerife.

Which side of Tenerife is better?

There are more tourist amenities in the south and the weather (in terms of sunshine) is better. But if it’s scenery, restaurants, traditions and culture, then the north is the better option.

¿Qué ocurrió con la raza de los Gigantes?

Para la Biblia, la raza de los gigantes desapareció con el diluvio pero, al parecer, uno de ellos se salvó. La leyenda nos cuenta que, al no caber en el Arca de Noé, se montó a horcajadas sobre ella. El gigante era tan grande que su cama medía unos 3,90 metros de largo por 1,80 de anchura.

¿Cuál es la primera mención de los gigantes en la Tierra?

La primera mención de la existencia de gigantes o “seres distintos” en la Tierra aparece en la Biblia, en el Viejo Testamento. En el Génesis 6, versículos 1 y 2, podemos leer:

¿Cómo ocurrió la batalla de los Gigantes?

“Hubo una batalla más en Gat, en la que se halló un hombre de alta talla que tenía seis dedos en cada mano y en cada pie, veinticuatro en todo, que descendía también de Rafa”. Para la Biblia, la raza de los gigantes desapareció con el diluvio pero, al parecer, uno de ellos se salvó.