Is Louisburg KS a good place to live?

It has the community type of feel that is hard to achieve in big towns. A good part about it is that it is still an easy drive to go to the city and visit places like the mall and go out with friends. It also has the convenience of having its own grocery store. This community has such a friendly atmosphere.

What race is mostly in Kansas?

Kansas Demographics White: 84.38% Black or African American: 5.85% Two or more races: 3.45% Asian: 2.95%

What is the population of Kansas in 2020?

Kansas had a population of 2,937,880 as of April 1, 2020, a 3% growth over the previous census in 2010, when Kansas had around 2,853,118 residents. The state has a population density of 35.9 people per square mile. Overall, the Sunflower State ranked 35th in the nation for population size.

Is Louisburg safe?

Louisburg has an overall crime rate of 11 per 1,000 residents, making the crime rate here near the average for all cities and towns of all sizes in America. According to our analysis of FBI crime data, your chance of becoming a victim of crime in Louisburg is 1 in 95.

How big is Louisburg?

12.98 km²

What is a good salary in Kansas?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $125,818 and as low as $18,965, the majority of salaries within the Average jobs category currently range between $45,794 (25th percentile) to $68,459 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $83,262 annually in Kansas.

What is the poorest county in Kansas?

Crawford County
Crawford County, located in the southeastern corner of Kansas near the state’s border with Missouri, is the poorest county in the state with a median household income of about $37,600 a year. The county is home to the city of Pittsburg and to smaller communities like Girard and Frontenac.

When was Louisburg founded?

November 1882
Louisburg, Kansas, was incorporated in November 1882. This part of northeast Miami County had previously been the home of the Confederated Tribes of Wea, Piankashaw, Peoria, and Kaskaskia, who came there in 1827.

What county is Louisburg?

Franklin County

Who is the richest person in Kansas?

Charles Koch, chairman and CEO of Wichita-based conglomerate Koch Industries Inc., had a net worth of $51 billion, up from $45 billion in 2020. Koch’s wealth is roughly equivalent to the seven other billionaires from Missouri and Kansas combined.

What is the richest part of Kansas?

Detailed List Of The Richest Cities In Kansas

Rank City RichScore
1 Prairie Village 4.33
2 Bel Aire 4.33
3 Leawood 4.33
4 Andover 7.33

What is KS population?

Kansas, which has an area of 82,278 square miles (213,100 square kilometers) is the 15th-largest state by area and is the 34th most-populous of the 50 states with a population of 2,911,505. Residents of Kansas are called Kansans.

What is the most populous city in Kentucky?

Louisville is the most populous city in the US state of Kentucky.

What cities are in Kansas?

Known as “Air Capital Of The World”, Wichita is the largest city in the state. Overland Park, Kansas City, Olathe, and Lawrence are other major cities in Kansas.

What is the population of Kansas City?

508,090 in 2020