Is marksans Pharma good for long term?

4. Is Marksans Pharma a good long term investment? Past 10 years financial track record analysis and assessment of future prospects by Moneyworks4me indicates that Marksans Pharma Ltd is an average long term investment.

How good is marksans Pharma?

This is a very good company, and the atmosphere here, the work, the discipline, the rules, all the people are helpful, all the departments work in their own discipline. This company is very good ….

What is the target of Marksans Pharma?

Date Stock Target
14 Oct 2021 Marksans Pharma Ltd. 87.00

Is marksans Pharma Debt Free?

What Is Marksans Pharma’s Net Debt? The chart below, which you can click on for greater detail, shows that Marksans Pharma had ₹237.4m in debt in March 2021; about the same as the year before. However, it does have ₹2.12b in cash offsetting this, leading to net cash of ₹1.89b.

Who invested in Marksans Pharma?


Shareholding Pattern – Marksans Pharma Ltd.
Promoters 197491733 48.25%
ForeignInstitutions 10818837 2.64%
NBanksMutualFunds 1393000 0.34%
Others 25257657 6.17%

Who is the owner of Marksans Pharma?

Mark B. Saldanha
Marksans Pharma/CEO

What does marksans Pharma make?

Formulation– This division is engaged in manufacturing of tablets, non–sterile liquids, ointments and powder products. The company owns one of the biggest manufacturing facility for soft gelatin in Asia . The company’s manufacturing plants are located at Goa and UK .

What is intrinsic value of Marksans Pharma?

Marksans Pharma

As Of Intrinsic Value Market Price
30 Jun 2021 Rs. 65.58 Rs. 86.25
26 Oct 2021 —- Rs. 65.90
-0.20 -0.30%

Who are the promoters of Marksans Pharma?

Promoter and Managing Director. Mr. Mark Saldanha is the Chairman and Managing Director of Marksans. He set out with a vision to create a global pharmaceutical company.

Is marksans Pharma A MNC?

Marksans Goes Global Tie-ups with leading global MNC’s for offering CRAMS. Setting up of specialized and state-of-the-art soft gel manufacturing facilities.

Is Glenn Saldanha Indian?

He has two sons, Glenn Saldanha, the current CEO of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, and Mark Saldanha, the owner and CEO of Marksans Pharma….

Gracias Saldanha
Born Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
Died 21 July 2012
Nationality Indian
Occupation Chairman & MD of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Who is the CEO of Cipla?

Umang Vohra (Sep 1, 2016–)