Is Michael Franti adopted?

His most recent musical project is the musical collective Spearhead, begun in 1994. But what people may not know about Michael Franti, as we talk about foster care, adoption and race today, is that Michael was adopted. Born to a white mother and black father, he was adopted by a white family.

Did Michael Franti play basketball?

[Michael Franti is 6’6”] I went to the University of San Francisco and I played basketball there. My dorm room was right above the campus radio station. I think I ended up spending more time listening to the radio and going into the radio station than I did on the basketball court.

How did Michael Franti meet his wife?

The pair first met at the Regina Folk Festival in 2008 and were friends for several years before they became a couple. “When I’m with her it’s like I am with my best friend,” Franti previously told the Sydney Morning Herald. “I’ve never had that feeling before and it’s great.” Happy anniversary my love!

Where is Michael Frantis wife from?

Today, sitting with his wife Sara Agah, of Iranian heritage, at their boutique resort called Soulshine Bali, they have a mantra by which they live: Be your best, serve the greater good, and rock out wherever you are. “We want to take the life lessons we’ve learned and do good with it,” says Franti.

What nationality is Michael Franti?

Michael Franti/Nationality

Early life. Michael Franti was born in Oakland, California. His mother, Mary Lofy, had Irish, German, and Belgian ancestry, and his father, Thomas Hopkins, was of African-American and Native American descent.

What race is Michael Franti?

The Oakland-born Franti is of mixed race, the son of a white mother and a father who was African American and Native American.

Is Michael Franti married?

Sara Agah Frantim. 2015
Tara Franti-Ryem. 1998–2004
Michael Franti/Spouse

How can I contact Michael Franti?

Fill out an form or call our office at (212) 645-0555 and one of our agents will assist you to get pricing and availability to have Michael Franti VIP experience at a concert or event.

How tall is Michael Franti?

6′ 6″
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Is Michael Franti vegan?

Inspired by his son, Franti became a vegan.

Who is Cappy Frantis mother?

He was adopted by Carole Wisti and Charles Franti, a Finnish American couple in Oakland, who had three biological children and one other adopted African American son.

How old is Michael Franti?

55 years (April 21, 1966)
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