Is Msfeedssync exe a virus?

msfeedssync.exe is a legitimae file, It is also called as Microsoft Feed Synchronization. It is responsibe to update the RSS feed information in the Internet explorer. The cyber criminals write the malicious programs and spread infections via internet and name it as msfedssync.exe to damage the software and hardware.

What is Msfeedssync exe?

The legitimate msfeedssync.exe is essentially a Task Scheduler task present on Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8 where automatic RSS Feeds are activated by default. The job of the msfeedssync.exe task is to start at regular intervals ( as specified by the web browser) and search for new RSS feeds updates.

What is user feed synchronization task?

Windows Internet Explorer uses the Microsoft Feeds Synchronization task to update RSS feeds in users’ Web browsers. Disabling this task avoids some I/O operations to the file system and can reduce the growth of an instant clone’s or a linked clone’s virtual disk.

What is feeds in Task Manager?

It is officially called “News and interests” and it uses the MSN feed to enable quick access to dynamic content such as headlines, sports, finance, and weather. As you can see in the above screenshot, the “News and interests” feature of the taskbar will appear as “Feeds” or “Search application” in Task Manager.

Can I delete Msfeedssync exe?

msfeedssync.exe (Microsoft Feeds Synchronization) is a legitimate process/file which is part of Windows Internet Explorer. The msfeedssync.exe file is necessary for Internet Explorer browsers to run properly and it should not be deleted.

What is Oobe broker?

It is an integral part of Windows 11/10, the OOBE in the process’ name stands for Out of Box Experience. This simplifies that UserOOBEBroker is not a virus, malware, or anything suspicious but a part of all the background system processes present in the OS.

What is Pcalua?

The pcalua.exe is a Program Compatibility Assistant. This file is part of Microsoft® Windows® Operating System. Pcalua.exe is developed by Microsoft Corporation. It’s a system and hidden file. Pcalua.exe is usually located in the %SYSTEM% folder and its usual size is 8,192 bytes.

Is SearchApp exe safe?

The original ‘SearchApp.exe’ file is Microsoft’s executable file. However, sometimes cyber thieves deliberately give their processes the same name for injecting trojan or malware into a system. However, executable files are not always infected.

Where can I find the msfeedssync.exe file?

The msfeedssync file located under C:\\Windows\\System32 directory and the average file size is approx 15 KB. Sometimes there could be multiple files and it could be located under C:\\Windows\\SysWOW64 or C:\\Windows\\WinSxS\\ folder.

What causes high CPU and memory usage msfeedssync.exe?

A malware disguised as msfeedssync.exe Along with the most common application error, some other issues like high CPU and memory usage are also observed. The cause of high CPU and memory usage is a spyware or malware program running in the guise of msfeedssync.exe.

What is the process called in Microsoft feeds synchronization?

The process known as Microsoft Feeds Synchronization belongs to software Windows Internet Explorer or Internet Explorer or Microsoft Feeds Synchronization by Microsoft ( Description: Msfeedssync.exe is an important part of Windows, but often causes problems.