Is Naruto a Fanon?

The Naruto Fanon, founded in 2013 by EternalBeast, is a wiki of fan-invention based in the Naruto universe.

What is Naruto Fanon wiki?

About Us The Naruto Fanon Wiki, founded in 2007 by LaviBookman, is a wiki of fan-invention based in the Naruto universe. Our goal is constant improvement in quality to become the best Naruto fansite on the internet!

What is a Fanon anime?

Fanon is any element that is widely accepted among fans, but has little or no basis in canon. Sometimes it’s a small event in canon that gets exaggerated; sometimes it’s something in a fanfic story that gets picked up on and repeated by other writers until it’s so common that newbies might think it’s a canonical fact.

What is Fanon onepiece?

The One Piece Fanon, rebooted by Imnotfallen & redesigned by KamiGuru, is a wiki of fan-invention based in the One Piece universe.

What does a Fanon mean?

(informal, fandom slang) Elements introduced by fans which are not in the official canon of a fictional world but are widely believed to be or treated as if canonical. noun.

What is fandom short for?

“Fandom” is a combination of the “fan” with the suffix “-dom.” Etymologist Michael Quinion suggests that “-dom” has two meanings when applied to words; in one usage, the suffix “denote[s] a rank or an area controlled by a person of that rank” (so a “kingdom” is the area controlled by a king, an “earldom” is the area …

How did Konoha get rebuilt?

Pain’s Assault Konoha’s forces have some success while fighting the Pains individually, but can do nothing to stop the village’s destruction by Pain’s Shinra Tensei. The villagers decided to rebuilt their village in the same place instead of a new area as they felt Konoha is where the Hokage Rock is.

Can Naruto use baryon mode without Kurama?

Baryon Mode is a strength only accessible to Kurama and his Jinchuriki, where the chakra of both fuse together, similar to nuclear fusion, and give rise to new energy. However, the price to pay for this insanely powerful form is Kurama’s death, which he hid from Naruto.