Is orbital cellulitis serious?

Orbital cellulitis is a dangerous infection, which can cause lasting problems. Orbital cellulitis is different than periorbital cellulitis, which is an infection of the eyelid or skin around the eye. In children, it often starts out as a bacterial sinus infection from bacteria such as Haemophilus influenza.

What does orbital cellulitis feel like?

Orbital cellulitis is infection affecting the tissue within the orbit and around and behind the eye. Infection can spread to the orbit from sources such as the sinuses around the nose. Symptoms include pain, swelling, red eye, fever, a bulging eye, impaired vision, and impaired eye movements.

How do you rule out orbital cellulitis?

The diagnosis of orbital cellulitis can be confirmed by imaging modalities such as Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

How can you tell the difference between periorbital cellulitis and orbital cellulitis?

Periorbital cellulitis is also called preseptal cellulitis because it affects the structures in front of the septum, such as the eyelid and skin around the eye. Orbital cellulitis involves the eyeball itself, the fat around it, and the nerves that go to the eye.

How serious is cellulitis of the eye?

Cellulitis of the eye can be very serious. It’s important to treat it right away. If you do, it usually goes away without lasting problems. Medicine and home treatment can help you get better.

Does orbital cellulitis require hospitalization?

In most cases, a hospital stay is needed. Treatment most often includes antibiotics given through a vein. Surgery may be needed to drain the abscess or relieve pressure in the space around the eye. An orbital cellulitis infection can get worse very quickly.

What causes cellulitis in the eye?

Eyelid infections, also known as eyelid cellulitis, causes redness of the eyelids and the skin around the eye. In most cases, cellulitis is caused by bacteria, which may come from a skin injury, an insect bite on the eyelid, or from the sinuses.

What is an orbital infection?

Orbital Infection. Orbital infection is a bacterial, viral or parasitic infection of tissues around the eyes. It can lead to a dramatic outcome and fast management of this infection is critical for the preservation of eyesight and prevention of possible meningitis.

What is cellulitis on the eyelid?

Eyelid cellulitis is an infection of the eyelid. There are two variations of the condition: perseptal cellulitis and orbital cellulitis. A prespetal, or periorbital, infection is an infection of the eyelid itself and the surrounding skin. An orbital infection is an infection that spreads past the eyelid into…

What is ocular cellulitis?

Ocular cellulitis. Cellulitis is an infection of soft tissues (like fat and muscle tissue). It can occur in any soft tissue, anywhere in the body. When cellulitis affects the eyes, it is called ocular cellulitis.