Is Price Chopper open on Thanksgiving?

Luckily, most grocery stores will be open on the holiday, but you may have to get in early. Here are some of the grocery stores that will be open and their hours: Hy-Vee: Most stores open until 2 p.m. Find a store near you. Price Chopper: Stores will open at 6 a.m. and close at 1 p.m. Find a store near you.

Does Price Chopper offer a senior discount?

-based Price Chopper. Senior AdvantEdge cardholders will have access to special offers on such services as financial and estate planning, long-term care insurance, and medical testing and equipment, as well as discounts at many area restaurants and attractions.

What’s the difference between market 32 and Price Chopper?

Price Chopper’s parent company announced Tuesday morning that it’s rebranding as “Market 32,” part of larger campaign to modernize its stores. The “32” is reference to the chain being founded in 1932.

Where are Price Chopper stores located?

Price Chopper operates 131 stores in Upstate New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Its locations are all serviced from the same warehouse in Rotterdam, New York.

Does Walmart give a senior discount?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not offer any senior discounts, coupons, senior citizen discount days, or special deals for those aged over 50 as of 2021. Instead, seniors can save at Walmart by taking advantage of the rollbacks, clearance items, price matching, and coupons.

What happened to Price Chopper?

Price Chopper and Tops stores will keep their names. While the merger will create a new parent company, it will not result in the merger of the chain’s store operations. Price Chopper President and CEO Scott Grimmett, who will be CEO of the merged companies, said both brands will remain.

Is Market 32 owned by Price Chopper?

With the big news announced Monday that Northeastern grocers Price Chopper/Market 32 and Tops Markets will merge and create a supermarket retailer with nearly 300 stores in six states, Supermarket News was able to chat with the CEOs of both companies to get some insights and details on the deal, along with their …

Does Price Chopper require masks?

CAPITAL REGION (WRGB) – – – Price Chopper/Market 32 has announced that the business will follow CDC guideline on mask-wearing in its stores. A spokesman tells CBS6 that states who haven’t adopted the newest CDC guidance, customers will be required to wear face coverings.

Who bought TOPS?

Morgan Stanley Private Equity
Morgan Stanley Private Equity had acquired Tops from Koninklijke Ahold, N.V. in October 2007 for $310 million, when it operated 76 stores, including five franchise operations. Morgan Stanley sold Tops to a group of Tops executives including Frank Curci in 2013 for $21 million.