Is RangiTaranga a good movie?

Rangitaranga is a good watch for those who love to get scared. Crisper editing and a faster pace in the narration would have made this film a must watch for the season. However, this is indeed a nice scary attempt for a debut director.

Is RangiTaranga hit or flop?

The thriller, directed by short-film maker Anup Bhandari, is a hit even abroad and reportedly has earned more than the combined overseas collection of all Kannada films till date. In the U.S., the film has made Rs. 2.1 crore in 73 screens and according to Mr.

How many days did RangiTaranga run?

By the end of September, it became the first Kannada film to complete a 50 days run in the US, and collected ₹2.1 crore (US$290,000).

How can I watch RangiTaranga online?

Currently you are able to watch “RangiTaranga” streaming on Sun Nxt, VI movies and tv or for free with ads on MX Player.

Is RangiTaranga a ghost movie?

RangiTaranga – Definitely a colorful wave! There are horror movies which offer mainly jumpscares and there are some which will be haunting even after the movie. And then there’s this new wave called RangiTaranga – which offers brilliant jump-scares and leaves you haunting even after you come out of the theatre.

What is the story of RangiTaranga?

A novelist investigates strange occurrences in a village.
RangiTaranga/Film synopsis

Is RangiTaranga a horror movie?

RangiTaranga is a suspence thriller, but has elements of Psychological thriller, horror and inverstigation thriller as well. After having a few moments, it was never a proper horror film.

What is the budget of RangiTaranga?

35 million INR

Where is RangiTaranga movie available?

Rangi Taranga (2015) Movie: Watch Full Movie Online on JioCinema.

Is RangiTaranga horror movie?

Are U turn horror movies?

U-Turn is a movie in the horror/mystery genre that shows the brilliance of simple story-telling and the right casting.

Who is U-turn?

UTURN Entertainment is an online entertainment network providing Arabic video content. UTURN was established in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, as a digital production company in 2010. The Financial Times named UTURN the largest MCN (multi-channel network) in the region.

Who are the actors in the movie RangiTaranga?

Cast overview, first billed only: Nirup Bhandari Gautam Suvarna Radhika Narayan Indu Suvarna (as Radhika Chetan) Avantika Shetty Sandhya Bhargav Sai Kumar Thenkabail Kalinga Bhat Anantha Velu Shankar

Who is Indu in the book RangiTaranga?

Gautam’s latest novel is titled RangiTaranga, a word which might hold the key to his past. Indu, a soft natured girl, paints the cover pages of all Gautam’s novels. Sandhya, a self proclaimed journalist, is in search of an anonymous writer who goes by the pen name “ANASHKU”.

Who is the pen name of Anashku in Rangitaranga?

Sandhya, a self proclaimed journalist, is in search of an anonymous writer who goes by the pen name “ANASHKU”. Unforeseen circumstances lead Gautam to Indu’s ancestral home in the village of Kamarottu. Upon his arrival in Kamarottu, he befriends the post master, Kalinga, and the elderly school head master, Shankara.