Is Scientific American a scholarly source?

Its articles, solidly based on scholarly research, well written, and carefully edited, are accompanied by definitions of scientific terms and by illustrations.

Are Scientific American articles peer reviewed?

Virtually all new scientific study that reaches the attention of the public has been peer-reviewed—the process through which experts are commissioned by an editor, often anonymously and almost always unpaid, to cross-examine a manuscript, look for flaws and recommend improvements.

Is Scientific American a good journal?

Winner of the 2011 National Magazine Award for General Excellence, Scientific American is wonderful for the most recent news on great scientific discoveries. Updated daily online, it is the best place to find out about the newest research and different takes on such discoveries.

How do I submit an article to Science?

Submitting your paper

  1. What your cover letter should contain:
  2. Your name, address, phone and fax numbers and email address.
  3. A brief statement, in a sentence or two, why you think the paper is important and why the journal should publish it (in other words, state the main conclusion of the paper);

Who is the audience for Scientific American?

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN has a worldwide audience of over 9 million comprised of forward thinking, solution-seeking readers who cement trends and set agendas that others follow – they are the Minds That Matter.

Where can I submit my science writing?

Combining their advice with what has worked for me, I’ve come up with the following six places that where science writers might begin.

  • Begin with the blog.
  • The Conversation.
  • Medium.
  • Trade publications.
  • Science magazines.
  • Publications you love reading.

Who writes for Scientific American?

Scientific American

Edited by Laura Helmuth
Publication details
History Since August 28, 1845
Publisher Springer Nature (United States)
Frequency Monthly

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What is the readership of Scientific American?

Scientific American has 3.5 million print and tablet readers worldwide, 5.5 million global online unique visitors monthly, a social reach of 3.5 +million and is translated into 14 languages.

What do you need to submit to Scientific American?

We don’t accept submissions that tout specific products. We do, however, accept pieces by the authors of journal papers who are explaining their results for a non-technical audience, or by businesspeople who address trends in the fields in which they operate.

What to look for in a Scientific American article?

We are always looking for deep-dive explorations of new developments in science and technology, articles that use empirical research to make sense of societal change, and narratives propelled by character and conflict. We strive to publish stories that use rigorous science and clear thinking to cut through hype, Pollyannaism, and doomsaying.

How long are features in Scientific American magazine?

We avoid jargon, but we tend to go deeper into processes and mechanisms of action than most general-interest magazines. Our features usually run from 2,000 to 4,000 words, and they are written and edited for curious general readers who love untangling big ideas and want smart context for what’s going on in the world.

Is the Scientific American Mind a peer reviewed journal?

Generally speaking, Scientific American and Scientific American MIND present ideas that have already been published in the peer-reviewed technical literature. We do not publish new theories or results of original research.