Is Shared Hope International legit?

Shared Hope International (SHI) is a nonprofit, non-governmental, Christian organization that exists to prevent sex trafficking and restore and bring justice to women and children who have been victimized through sex trafficking. The organization operates programs in the United States, India, Nepal and Jamaica.

What does Shared Hope International do?

Policy Research and Resources. Shared Hope International proactively supports the legislative, law enforcement, and social services communities with timely and effective reports, studies, surveys and exemplary legislation aimed at eradicating human trafficking.

Who founded Shared Hope International?

Linda Smith
Shared Hope International/Founders

When was Shared Hope International founded?

Shared Hope International/Founded

Founded in 1998 by then U.S. Congresswoman Linda Smith, Shared Hope International strives to prevent the conditions that foster sex trafficking, restore victims of sex slavery, and bring justice to vulnerable women and children.

Who are the buyers of human trafficking?

We identified their customers as being male drug dealers, members of law enforcement, lawyers, construction workers, truckers, businessmen, social workers, pastors, city employees and more. Purchasing sex online has also become big business.

How do you become a Hope Ambassador?

Applications to become a National Ambassador of Hope are now open! There are three components to the application process – written application, video submission, and an interview with the We Matter team. We’re looking forward to meeting Indigenous youth who want to use their voices to create change!

Who benefits human trafficking?

Breaking Down the Market Sector Profits of Trafficking $34 billion annual profits: Construction, mining, utilities, and manufacturing. $9 billion annual profits: Forestry, agriculture, and fishing. $8 billion annual savings: Private households (domestic help)

Where is Child trafficking most common?

Child trafficking is most common in Latin America, the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa. The number of chases in industrialized and developed countries are unknown due to their highly covert nature. With this information in mind it is clear that child trafficking is most common in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Who is in charge of human trafficking?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is responsible for investigating human trafficking and supporting the victims of this crime. That work is carried out by the Civil Rights Unit, the Violent Crimes Against Children Program, and the Office for Victim Assistance.

Do human traffickers get paid?

Every year, some 1 to 2 million children, women and men become victims of human trafficking; while traffickers make anywhere between $4,000 and $50,000 per person trafficked, depending on the victim’s place of origin and destination.

How does Shared Hope International help sex trafficking?

Shared Hope International is dedicated to bringing an end to sex trafficking through our three-prong approach. Through training, awareness, and collaboration, we seek to inspire creative prevention strategies.

Who was the founder of Shared Hope International?

As Shared Hope grew, so did Nancy’s position within Shared Hope and she was elected to sit on the Shared Hope International Board of Directors, a position she held for six years. During this time, Nancy assisted in organizing the War Against Trafficking Alliance in 2002.

Why do you need to donate to Shared Hope?

The gift you give will support and empower those who are victims and survivors of child sex trafficking. It will help Shared Hope’s mission to provide what they need to recover and our belief-in-action that there is hope for them; that they are worth the fight—that they are loved—that they have a future.

Who are the board members of Shared Hope?

Linda and her husband, Vern, reside in Vancouver, Washington and are the proud parents of two and grandparents of six. Nancy is a Senior Director and member of Shared Hope’s Emeritus Board.